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Luminate tracer dye

Fluorescent dye for UV detection of leaks

Trotec luminate is an eleven per cent anionic aqueous pigment dispersion which can be diluted with water but does not metabolize. This is particularly advantageous in case of leak detections on green roofs or when locating concealed leaky water-bearing drains or pipes. Owing to its small pigments the dye can also cross capillaries and is extremely yielding; depending on the field of application, a dilution at the rate of 0.3 to 3 % should be sufficient.

The UV tracer is particularly suited for tightness tests in drains, water pipes, seals or on water-bearing surfaces of flat roofs. The accumulated or added water that was mixed with Trotec luminate can then be detected at the exit points in case of a leakage.

Since luminate appears colourless in normal light, discolourations on walls and ceilings are invisible to the naked eye. A UV lamp is required to render the exit points visible, e.g. the UV-TrackMaster, which excites the luminate to glow with maximum fluorescence in the optimal wavelength range.

Note: Luminate must not be used as food colourant!

A few practical benefits:

  • tried and tested UV tracer for detecting pipe bursts
  • No metabolization – ideal for long-term examinations
  • Colour-neutral application – leaves no visible discolouration
Depending on the concentration in the water, luminate has a milky watery colour and enables colour-neutral applications.
Using a hand-held UV-A lamp in the optimal wavelength range, the dye’s fluorescence is excited.
Example of a flat roof examination for detecting a faulty sealing point using the luminate dye test.

Using the tracer dyes from Trotec, you have high-quality dyes for a variety of applications on hand. Which dye is best suited for which purpose? Use our selection tool for a faster comparison of Trotec tracer dyes.


Luminate liquid, 1 l show in Trotec online shop

Luminate liquid, 1 l

Requires a mixture ratio of only 0.3 % to 3 %, depending on the appliaction. Shows leaks on green roofs and can be used in combination with the Trotec UV high-performance lamp.

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number FLURO-L3
  Length (packaging included) [mm] 215
  Width (packaging included) [mm] 93
  Height (packaging included) [mm] 93
  (packaging included) [kg] 1
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Standard scope of delivery
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