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CM devices

For a quick and reliable moisture determination in building materials

CM measurements provide protection against expensive complaints later on.

Professionals already know: Structural damages are often attributable to excessive residual moisture in the ground.

With Trotec's CM Complete sets you can carry out your measurements quickly and reliably. This way, the residual moisture content in processed construction materials such as floor beddings etc. can be precisely determined directly on site and without the need for additional aids or tools and documented with the supplied log printer (CM Set Business).

Multiple print-outs simplify the administration and in case of a dispute provide proof that the mandatory testing requirements have been met.

Thanks to the accurate measuring technology, you can do without time-consuming laboratory tests.

The value displayed on the pressure gauge corresponds to the actual residual moisture in per cent – no laborious conversion required.

Set Classic
Set Business

A few practical benefits:

  • Robust design in metal carrying case
  • For weighed portions of 100 g (calcium sulphate flow screed)
  • Attractive price-performance-ratio
  • Direct indication of CM moisture with an accuracy class to 0.1 % (Business)
  • Log printer documentation protects against damages and follow-up costs (Business)
  • Complete sets with 2 precision pressure gauges – optionally either mechanical or digital

 standard equipment

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