As the only mobile air cleaner worldwide, the TAC V+ was specially designed for the purpose of virus filtration and, in this respect, has been tested for its effectiveness in the context of several scientific studies.
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The air cleaner TAC V+ also shows convincing results in the scientific test laboratory

Current studies confirm that the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ effectively reduces the airborne SARS-CoV-2 infection risk in interior spaces

Panorama photo of the experimental space including the components for measuring the concentration
The HEPA-H14 virus filter from Trotec at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics
Laser measurement of the aerosol particle concentration in the room air
Before and after analysis of the particle concentration measured
Prof. Dr. Kähler installing the test set-up with the air cleaner TAC V+
Analysis of the measurement results of an air purification process with the TAC V+
Documented reduction of the aerosol concentration in the room by use of the TAC V+

Study 1: "Can mobile room air cleaners effectively reduce the risk of an indirect SARS-CoV-2 infection caused by aerosols?"

The TAC V+ is the only mobile air cleaner worldwide to be specifically developed for the purpose of virus filtration and that was tested for its effectiveness for this purpose by several scientific studies. A study conducted by Prof. Dr. Christian Kähler at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich has confirmed that with the TAC V+ the aerosol viral load and therefore an airborne risk of infection in interior spaces can even be substantially reduced with the windows closed and without a suitable interior ventilation system.

Excerpts from this study and conclusions:

"The quantitative measurement results show that, with the TROTEC TAC V+ room air cleaner tested, due to the large volume flow and the filter combination of class F7 + H14, aerosol concentrations even in rooms with a surface of 80 m² can be reduced by half within 6 - 15 minutes, depending on the volume flow. In the case of rooms with 20 m² the concentration is halved within approx. 3 - 5 minutes depending on the volumetric flow.

Therefore, room air cleaners of the TAC V+ type make it possible to easily maintain the aerosol concentration in small-sized to medium-sized rooms at a low level. ... Air purification units of the TAC V+ type are therefore perfectly suited, for instance, to provide for a constantly low virus load in classrooms, shops, waiting or treatment rooms, without having to think about opening windows and affecting the well-being in the room. Furthermore, in contrast to free ventilation by means of windows they also ensure a true reduction of the virus load, something that free ventilation can often not guarantee.

In addition and compared to room ventilation systems working without or only with a small proportion of fresh air , they also offer the benefit of ensuring that the viruses are actually filtered out and that they are not spread within the building through other channels. ... "To ensure that the room air cleaner always remains hygienically safe even in continuous operation over many months, the H14 filter should be heated to approx. 100 °C for about 30 minutes every day, in order to destroy the viruses in the filter and prevent the formation of biofilms, bacteria and fungi without the use of any harmful chemical additives or UV-C radiation."

In an interview with the news magazine "Spiegel", Prof. Dr. Kähler summarizes his research results with regard to the TAC V+ as follows: »If you let this system run permanently, no one will manage to generate an aerosol concentration of an infectious level in any room!«

Direct link to the study

The TAC V+ from Trotec is the only mobile air purification unit provided with a special H14 high-temperature lamellae particulate air filter with thermal decontamination, a process in which the EN 1822-certified H14 filter is treated thermally at regular intervals and is heated to approx. 100 °C, a procedure which practically destroys all viruses filtered out and which, by scientific expertise, is therefore defined as absolutely indispensable to effectively purify the air from viruses! Only the combination of an effective F7-H14 filter system, a perfectly balanced air volume flow and the exclusive thermal filter decontamination technology provides for an effective protection against infections!

The science programme "nano" is providing a report on the efficacy study of the room air cleaner TAC V+ from Trotec

In the study conducted by Prof. Dr. Christian Kähler at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics of the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich, the hazardous aerosols in the room air are rendered visible by means of high-power lasers, and technical solutions such as the air cleaner TAC V+ from Trotec are tested, by means of which the aerosol concentration in poorly ventilated rooms can be reduced to a harmless level.

In the interview with the science programme "nano" (Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting)), Prof. Dr. Kähler explains the functional principle of the innovative room air purifier TAC V+, which has been tested in the context of a study on room air cleaners. His research findings show that dangerous aerosol concentrations in the room can already be eliminated within only a few minutes by the use of the air cleaner TAC V+.

In the test, a classroom with plexiglass partitions was simulated
To the international publication of this study on the specialist portal medRxiv

On the specialist portal medRxiv for medical and health care specialist publications, you can also find an international publication of this study.

Study 2: "School education during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – Which concept is reliable, feasible and environmentally sound?"

In this second study, Prof. Dr. Kähler's team specifically focussed on the issue of which protective measures would be effective and reasonable to make every-day school life safe.
On the basis of this objective, the study illuminates several possible safety concepts from free ventilation to room air purification, including the use of CO₂ traffic lights and protective masks.

The conclusion of this study: "Protective concepts in the context of which the risk of an indirect infection is reduced by the use of air cleaners offer the advantage of separating or inactivating the viruses in the room after only a short time, if firstly the air change rate per hour at least corresponds to six times the room volume, secondly it is absolutely ensured that 99.995 % of the viruses are separated directly while passing through the device once, a process explicitly requiring a certified filter of class H14, and thirdly, the device is so silent that it is actually used and not deactivated due to the interfering background noise."

The Trotec air cleaner TAC V+ meets all these requirements and therefore offers reliable infection protection in classrooms and interior spaces that are used for similar purposes.

Direct link to the study

We'll be happy to provide you on request with detailed information about further studies performed on the effectiveness of the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ are distinguished.

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