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Breathe healthier. Work healthier. Live healthier.
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Why not invest in air?

You feel safe? And have your health management under control?

Flaxseed, quinoa and goji berries are common components on your menu. You have carefully chosen your gym, fully air-conditioned, with the best workouts, the trainers being true professionals, with the most pleasant interior and great vitality shakes at the bar. A healthy diet plays an important role in your life. So, everything's fine?! But what about the air that surrounds you?

Take a deep breath in and out, because now it's getting exciting...

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    ... that's good.

    You have taken a deep breath in and out. Feels good. And just within a minute, your head feels fresher again, your lungs expand and freshness is pumped into your blood. Well, that's the way it works with fresh air when you are in the untouched nature and fill up on health. But what happens if you spend some time indoors with other people? At the fancy gym or hairdresser, in restaurants, pubs or boutiques?

    We guarantee: everything you breathe in there certainly contains some oxygen –
    but not only...

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    Quite a bit going on in the air.

    While there is always talk of dangerous outdoor air pollution, studies show that our indoor air is up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

    Infectious viruses, bacteria, spores, mites and allergens plan an aerial assault on our health with every breath. But that's not all, because every time you open doors or windows, it is not only oxygen entering the room but also fine dust and pollen, which are a burden for your body.

    More than 95 % of airborne infections and allergic reactions have always occurred indoors. It was just never noticed to the extent that everyone is now becoming aware of in the pandemic. Just take a deep breath, and a selection of air stressors will have already entered your body. Just like that, with every breath you take. You have seen nothing, smelled nothing, felt nothing and tasted nothing. But they're there.

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    A pure source of strength. Healthy air.

    Pure, unpolluted air is the best and most valuable thing we can offer our bodies. Air is our most important commodity, the basis of our life and necessary for us to stay healthy.

    Unfortunately, the air has given us little pleasure, especially during the last months, because the air quality is a cause for alarm in many rooms.

    We breathe in aerosols all the time. In addition to viruses and bacteria, pollen, fine dust and allergens also take our breath away. Measles, colds, coughs, flu, allergic reactions and COVID are all carried towards us through the air. Then, the most luxurious air conditioner is useless because it is about cleaning the air effectively to provide for a healthy air balance.

    So what to do?

  • -Trotec

    It's a solution. But not in the long run.

    Trotec has an alternative: the TAC V+ and other innovative air cleaners of the AirgoClean® series. Clean air is simply healthier, strengthens the immune system and effectively protects against airborne infectious diseases – without any side effects. Just healthy air, without viruses, fine dust, allergens and bacteria. We can promise all this if you stay in rooms where the air is "healthily filtered" with a TAC air cleaner.

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    We want you to feel safe.

    As one of the international market leaders in the production of filter devices for air filtration of suspended matter and viruses, Trotec develops mobile high-performance air purifiers for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infections. Our air cleaners of the TAC series are recommended by leading research associations such as the Fraunhofer Institute in order to reduce the airborne infection risk from virus-laden aerosol particles to a minimum.

    No matter where you go – Trotec air cleaners operate for your protection and health all over the world. Whether you are at the doctor's or in a restaurant. Whether in the daycare centre, at school, at the gym, optician or in the office.

    We turn the room into a "climatic health resort" and invite you to experience healthy air wellness with every breath.

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    Come in, breathe in, and enjoy the moment.

    "Climatic health resort. TAC inside" – if you get to see a sign or sticker like this, you can be sure to be safe. You can be sure that there is no danger from the air. Enjoy your coffee, your pizza or your shopping trip. The secret behind this logo are people who are responsible for maintaining a good air quality. People who want customers, guests, patients and employees to be well taken care of. In a reassuringly virus-proof "air space".

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    Vitamins are healthy. Every child knows that.

    This is why we recommend a dose of "vitamin air" every day: healthy, fresh air. Invisibly and silently, clean air does a lot for our bodies. Breath by breath we fill up with oxygen so that our brain can work effectively and our body is fit and balanced.

    And we all have experienced that fresh air makes us happy. While healthy and clean air is good for us, good air turning into bad air can be a danger. Aerosols, bacteria, viruses, fine dust, pollen and allergens are invisible, carried by the air, inhaled and thus enter our lungs and bodies. We want you to be sure that air is nothing but air and that a deep breath transports nothing but pure oxygen into your body. Therefore, we have developed the TAC V+, one of the world's most effective air cleaners.

    Together with many people being responsible for air quality in Germany, we are establishing "climatic health resorts". ‏Rooms in which you can stay without having to worry about your health.