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Revealing smoke signals

Once the white smoke rises, the leakage is quickly located. With a fog and flue gas simulation you can carry out tightness tests quickly and straight to the point. Fire simulations and safety exercises are also possible – with devices from Trotec!

Many different diagnosis methods are suited for leak detection. In the area of optical tightness tests, the flue gas method is among the most popular methods – especially when it comes to checking flat roofs. The principle is simple: Artificial fog and flue gas rise straight up, taking the fastest route. If a flat roof laid with special plastic sheets is leaky, the damaged spots will be detected quickly. This is because the smoke escapes even through the tiniest leaky spot and can quickly and clearly be detected by the inspector. The same principle applies when looking for leakages in pipelines. Have all connections in the piping network or tank facility been sealed professionally? When carrying out tightness tests, use a fog and flue gas simulator from Trotec – and you'll know it!

The FS200 model is a pro. Most of all, it is the most compact and lightweight device in its performance class. This guarantees a particularly high freedom of movement to you and your staff.

Naturally, apart from tightness tests and leak detection, the fog and flue gas simulator can also be used for safety exercises. Throughout several minutes, the device can generate a consistently dense fog and thus simulate a fire. This way, fire and respiratory exercises as well as smoke extraction exercises can be carried out in a suitable environment. Furthermore, the artificial smoke can also be used for checking smoke extraction systems of escape routes and smoke outlets.

By the way: A cost-efficient alternative for flat roof leak detection is the use of a Trotec flue gas chamber.

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