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AirLock 200 window sealing for mobile air conditioners

The energy-saving assembly solution for air conditioners with one-hose and two-hose technology

Mobile monobloc air conditioners, such as the comfort air conditioners of the PAC series and individual commercial air conditioners of the PortaTemp series, come with one or two air hoses for the removal of the warm air. In 99 % of all cases these exhaust air hoses are mounted to an open window.

Without an intelligent window feed-through such a solution would be highly inefficient, since warm air from outside could flow back into the room through the opening at the same time, thus wasting the air conditioner's cooling capacity at least in part. In other words: Your mobile air conditioner would have to cool not only the warm room air, but also the air flowing in from outside.

The AirLock 200 puts a stop to wasting energy

AirLock 200

The AirLock 200 is more than just a means for attaching an exhaust air hose. In just a few steps this practical aid can be fastened to any type of window and reliably prevents the return flow of warm outside air back into the air-conditioned room. Even more so, the AirLock 200 keeps out annoying insects; when leaving the room the window may be shut as usual. Without having to disassemble the window seal first.

The translucent air exchange monitor AirLock 200 is made of a hard-wearing and water-repellent material with a low thermal conductivity. This increases the cooling efficiency and reduces consumption costs. As a result, the initial acquisition costs for the AirLock 200 will have been amortized in a minimum of time.

The AirLock 200 is affixed by means of the supplied Velcro tape, so the window seal can be removed without leaving any traces. Cleaning in the washing machine is also not a problem.

Suitable for air conditioners employing the one-hose and two-hose technology

AirLock 200

Mobile air conditioners can be subdivided into two categories. Used most often is the so-called one-hose technology, this is also the case with most monobloc devices of the PAC series. Furthermore, there are air conditioners employing the two-hose technology; they make use of two separate air hoses, e.g. the air conditioner PAC 3550 PRO.

The AirLock 200 can be used with any air conditioner without difficulty – regardless of one-hose or two-hose technology.

Unlike the AirLock 100, which only has one zip opening, the two zip openings of the AirLock 200 permit a variable attachment of one or two exhaust air hoses. If only one opening is needed, the second opening can simply be zipped up inconspicuously and airtight.

By the way: The AirLock 200 can also be used for other exhaust air carrying devices all year round.

No matter whether with left-hand or right-hand hinge, bottom hung or skylight windows – the AirLock 200 matches all the common window constructions with a maximum perimeter of 400 cm:

Also suitable for left-hinged casement windows: The AirLock 200 matches all common window constructions
Also suitable for right-hinged casement windows: The AirLock 200 matches all common window constructions
Also suitable for bottom hung windows: The AirLock 200 matches all common window constructions
Also suitable for skylight windows: The AirLock 200 matches all common window constructions

A few practical benefits

  • Window seals to save energy
  • Increasing the cooling capacity, reducing the energy consumption
  • Suitable for all window types: casement, bottom hung or skylight windows
  • For air conditioners employing the one-hose and two-hose technology
  • Prevents the penetration of warm outdoor air and insects
  • Despite the seal the window can be closed without difficulty
  • An investment that redeems itself in next to no time
  • Simple self-assembly
  • Disassembly leaving no traces
Window sealing AirLock 200


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