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Window sealing AirLock 100

For mobile use of a monoblock climate system so far the only remaining possibility was, to discharge the hot exhaust air through an open window. However, as a result the cooling becomes uneconomic and uncomfortable because from the outside warm air continually gets into the cooled room.

AirLock 100 is the ultimate solution for this problem:

Once installed between window and frame with only a few steps and the exhaust air hose end led outside through the hardly opened zip of the AirLock 100, this practical aid henceforth prevents the return flow of warm exhaust air into the room.

Since the translucent AirLock 100 is made of hardwearing and water-repellent material with low specific heat conduction characteristics, you can perceptibly save energy using the AirLock 100, i.e. it pays for itself in next to no time.

Upon leaving the building the windows can be closed without difficulty. There is no need to disassemble the AirLock 100.

By the way: The AirLock 100 can also be used for other exhaust air carrying devices all year round.

No matter whether with left-hand or right-hand hinge, bottom hung or skylight windows – the AirLock 100 matches all the common window constructions with a maximum perimeter of 400 cm:

Window sealing AirLock 100


AirLock 100 Fensterabdichtung im Trotec Webshop zeigen

AirLock 100 Fensterabdichtung

Lässt die Abluft Ihrer Klimaanlage nach draußen - warme, stickige Luft von außen aber nicht rein! In Sekundenschnelle montiert lässt der AirLock 100 weder Regen noch Insekten durch.

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