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Air cleaner AirgoClean® 250 E
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Designer air cleaner AirgoClean® 250 E

3x strong HEPA filter technology with ionisation and top class comfort combined in one air cleaner – for offices, medical practices or your home

Healthier living and working with clean, purified air

We spend up to 90 percent of our lifetime indoors, at work and – for sure, in our sheltered four walls to find rest and relaxation after the strains of the day. However, many people are not aware that room air is often even more polluted than outdoor air. And even supposedly fresh outdoor air is not always as clean as it is said to be due to inner-city concentrations of fine particulate concentrations. For this reason, it is reasonable to always keep an eye on the quality of the breathing air, and to provide for healthy and clean air with the intelligent AirgoClean® 250 E air cleaner.

Clean air is essential to life – but not a matter of course

Dust compounds made of dead skin cells and hair can be found nearly anywhere. However, dust is not quite appealing but also functions like a magnet when attracting other pathogens. Allergens and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, fine dust, mould spores, dust mites, animal dander and odours pollute the air in interior spaces. Even worse that yet the outdoor air has a high level of fine dust pollution in many places. These tiny "PM2.5 particles" (with a diameter of < 2,5 μ) enter interior spaces through windows and doors before entering the human organism through respiration. According to a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, they promote numerous illnesses and diseases.

The air cleaner AirgoClean® 250 E monitors and cleans the air – in a fully automatic way - removes 99.97 % of airborne allergens

Protect yourself and your environment with HEPA-filtered clean air that is 99.97 % free from harmful suspended particles – fully automatically thanks to state-of-the-art air quality sensors. The "air quality sensors" of the 250 E continuously measure the air quality and fine dust pollution in order to clean the air with intelligently controlled performance. The four-stage adjustable ventilation with a maximum air circulation rate of 740 m³/h allows for a noticeable improvement of the air quality in rooms sized up to 88 m² or 220 m³. This makes it an ideal device for offices, medical practices or your home.

High-performance HEPA filter technology combined with luxury class equipment

The cube-shaped AirgoClean® 250 E air purifier combines perfection, living space-friendly design and high-performance HEPA filter technology, combined with maximum functionality. Its fins at the air outlet are aerodynamically shaped and guarantee an optimum distribution of the cleaned air. The combined air quality indication on the LED-illuminated digital display indicates the fine dust value and the quality of the room air in real time. The outstanding features of the AirgoClean® 250 E are completed by three operating modes (automatic mode with light detection, turbo mode, night mode). Moreover, the comfort air cleaner comes with a filter change indicator, a memory function and a child lock for unattended operation.

Coloured air quality indicator displaying the PM2.5 value

The four-stage air quality indicator of the AirgoClean® 250 E makes the otherwise invisible air quality visible. In addition to the numerical display of the PM2.5 value (number of fine dust particles < 2.5 µm), a visual indicator with colour LED lights signals the degree of purity of the ambient air:

In automatic mode, the fan speed and the associated air cleaning performance are controlled depending on the air quality:

Blue: Outstanding air quality  PM2.5 value 0 – 55
Green: Good air quality  PM2.5 value 56 – 100
Orange: medium air quality  PM2.5 value 101 – 150
Red: Poor air quality  PM2.5 value > 150

What is the PM2.5 value?

The PM2.5 value indicates the number of respirable fine dust particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 µm. Due to their small size, these fine particles are considered a health risk because they can penetrate deeper into the airways, the cardiovascular system and the brain, remain there and cause damage. As part of the REHIVAAP project, the WHO has come to the conclusion that fine dust can lead to arteriosclerosis, impair births and trigger respiratory diseases in children, among other things.

Automatic mode for intelligently controlled cleaning performance

Clean air is the fuel of a healthy life. Therefore, do not leave the air quality to chance. The comfortably equipped AirgoClean® 250 E monitors the air quality by means of sensor control around the clock and gives you the freedom to enjoy a healthy life with every breath.

Combined indication of fine dust and air quality with real-value display of the PM2.5 value

The air purification capacity cannot only be controlled manually in 3 levels. In addition, the AirgoClean® 250 E is equipped with a smart automatic mode. Several "air quality sensors" measure the air quality and the amount of suspended particles in the air in real time to react immediately to a change in the air quality of the room air.

The multifunctional air quality display of the AirgoClean® 250 E makes the otherwise invisible but harmful particulate matter pollution and other pollutants visible in the room air. In addition to the numerical display of the PM2.5 value (number of fine dust particles < 2.5 µm), a visual indicator with colour LED lights signals four degrees of purity of the ambient air.

Highly sensitive air quality sensors continuously measure the air pollution by particulate matter and gaseous pollutants (VOC). Even the smallest changes are instantaneously detected – in order to immediately react by adapting the air purification process. The air flow rate and filter performance of the device are regulated fully automatically to the necessary level to remove suspended particles from the room air within a very short time.

Application / room size
Virus filtration SARS-CoV-2   HEPA
6 air changes suitable for rooms sized up to maximum 49 m2 / 123 m3
Recommendation by Trotec* 30 m2 / 75 m3
10 air changes suitable for rooms sized up to maximum 29 m2 / 74 m3
Recommendation by Trotec* 20 m2 / 50 m3
CADR values
Fine dust, pollen, animal hair (CADR) maximum 88 m2 / 220 m3
Recommendation by Trotec* 60 m2 / 150 m3

* Usually, the maximum value is advertised as the "recommended room size". In order to achieve a good combination of air pollution control and background noise, the room sizes we recommend are based on a sound level of approx. 39 dB(A).

Automatic mode and virus filtration:
Do not use the automatic mode if the device is used for virus filtration. The integrated sensors only respond to air pollution caused by fine particulates, pollen or VOC. The device cannot determine the virus load. It is possible that the automatic mode indicates a "good" air quality even though the virus load in the room is very high. For this reason we recommend using the fan stage requested by the respective specifications with regard to the circulation rate (air volume) when the device is used for virus filtration in order to reduce the risk of indirect infections.

Turbo mode for best values in cleaning performances

Time is an important criterion in the process of room air cleaning, i.e. the time until the polluted air is replaced by clean, filtered air. In order to provide quick cleaning results, the AirgoClean® 250 E has advantageous functions allowing for a faster distribution of the HEPA-filtered clean air. Thanks to the perfect combination of an optimised air flow principle and a powerful drive, the mobile air cleaner helps to achieve healthy room air with high air quality impressively fast.

Turbo-mode for accelerated ventilation of the room

For a healthy life without stress and with a good work-life balance, the air quality must also be right. By means of the powerful turbo mode of the AirgoClean® 250 E, the air in the living room, bedroom or children's room as well as in the office or treatment room can be cleaned in no time. Animal hair, animal odours but also spores introduced from outside are removed from the room air in a faster manner without having to leave the windows open and letting expensive and unused heating air escape through open windows. A meeting, break or staff room can be cleaned just as quickly and easily. Note that even when people have already left the room, germs causing diseases can still hover invisibly in the air. In acute situations, the turbo mode of the AirgoClean® 250 E allows to quickly and effectively remove airborne pollutants and suspended particles from the room air. In practice premises, this function is ideal for providing clean air after each treatment.

Aerodynamically shaped air outlet fins

The aerodynamically shaped air outlet fins of the AirgoClean® 250 E ensure efficient fresh air distribution in interior spaces, resulting in comfortable and draught-free air changes. While conventional air cleaners only emit the filtered air vertically into the room, the spiral-shaped fins of the AirgoClean® 250 E distribute the clean air evenly in all directions of the room. The horizontally turned fins generate air turbulences. The cleaned and purified air is distributed over large areas of the room.

Luxurious comfort equipment: More than you'll expect

In addition to its highly efficient HEPA filter performance and three operating modes, the AirgoClean® 250 E room air cleaner offers sumptuous comfort equipment that you will only find in air cleaners of the AirgoClean series in this device class.

Light detection function with automatic air flow control

When ambient brightness decreases, e.g. if the lighting is switched off or dusk starts to fall, the digital display is dimmed and the fan stage reduced if the device is in automatic mode.

Filter quality indicator with cleaning/change notice

Yet four indicators in the digital display provide information about prefilters and HEPA filters, so you will never again miss when it is time to clean the prefilters or to replace the HEPA filters. Five-stage bar graphs provide information about the degree of contamination. Required maintenance and servicing such as cleaning the prefilter or replacing the HEPA filters are indicated with a warning notice.

Child and pet lock

Children are curious by nature and even pets discover their environment every day anew using their fur noses. The child lock can be activated by means of a keystroke combination and protects the settings of the air cleaner from curious children's hands and hairy noses. The status of the child lock is shown on the digital display.

Dimmer function

To adjust the brightness of the digital display to the lighting situation in your living environment or to switch off the display completely, you simply need to press a button. In addition to the standard brightness, settings for the "dimmed" and "switched off" state are also available.

Memory function

After a power interruption, the air cleaner starts with the previously set brightness settings of the display and in the previously selected operating mode the next time the device is switched on.

Night mode with reduced fan stage and low background noise

Clean, filtered room air even during sleep is made possible by the night mode with reduced noise emission with dimmed lighting. The air current is adjusted to your sleeping requirements fully automatically and the air flow rate is set to the lowest fan stage.

Clean air for a healthier life, more well-being and an increased productivity – the comfort AirgoClean® 250 E air cleaner makes it possible.

AirgoClean® 250 E – triple protection technology

Double 3-in-1 HEPA filter technology with ionisation function to provide for a healthy room climate

Thanks to the combined filter system with HEPA carbon and DACRON filter technology on both sides of the device and an additional ionisation function, fine particles, allergens and other pathogens are reliably filtered from the room air.

2 x HEPA filter (99.97 %)

Viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens, fine dust particles and mould spores sized down to 0.3 micrometres are eliminated in both HEPA filters. Due to the high filtration efficiency of 99.97 %, filters of this filter class are used e.g. in hygiene-sensitive laboratories and in the food production industry. These filters provide optimum conditions to turn your own four walls into an oasis of well-being with clean, fresh and filtered room air.

Double carbon filter (activated carbon filter)

Perfect for smokers: the additional filter consisting of carbon. In addition to pollutants, this activated carbon filter effectively neutralises tobacco odours, pet odours, kitchen and smoke odours as well as formaldehyde and solvent odours from the ambient air. For clean air – without unpleasant odours.

2 DACRON® prefilters

DACRON® is a designation for synthetically manufactured continuous polyester filaments, which are ideally suited as a prefilter in air purification due to their particularly allergy-neutral characteristics. The prefilters made of these synthetic fibres are particularly tear-resistant, durable and water-repellent. The synthetic fibre filter alone is able to filter odours of slight to medium intensity, coarse house dust and animal hair from the room air.


The filter performance is already extremely efficient, but even more increased by fully automatic ionization. In the course of the ionization process, negatively charged ions are released. Their static charge binds all pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria. As a result, these particles sink down to the ground where they will be immediately drawn in by the air current of the four-stage fan to be eliminated in the end. This way, the room air is cleaned even more effectively and additionally enriched with active oxygen.

Quick and simple filter change

The AirgoClean® 250 E is just as easy to operate as it is to change the pre-mounted filters, which can be done in no time. In one simple step, the device covers of both sides can be removed without using tools. This way, prefilters and HEPA filters can be visually inspected and replaced if necessary.

AirgoClean® 250 E – special equipment features

AirgoClean® 250 E – Compact dimensions
Compact dimensions: With only 36 cm², the AirgoClean® 250 E requires very little space to develop its high dehumidification performance within the entire room.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Display
Always an eye on everything: The digital PM 2.5 display provides information on the particle count in the room air. The air quality measuring device provides information on the room air quality by means of four different colours. The filter change indicator displays the contamination status of the two filters.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Display
Always an eye on everything: The digital PM 2.5 display provides information on the particle count in the room air. The air quality measuring device provides information on the room air quality by means of four different colours. The filter change indicator displays the contamination status of the two filters.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Display
Always an eye on everything: The digital PM 2.5 display provides information on the particle count in the room air. The air quality measuring device provides information on the room air quality by means of four different colours. The filter change indicator displays the contamination status of the two filters.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Display
Always an eye on everything: The digital PM 2.5 display provides information on the particle count in the room air. The air quality measuring device provides information on the room air quality by means of four different colours. The filter change indicator displays the contamination status of the two filters.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Turbo fast air distribution
Turbo fast air distribution: The aerodynamically shaped air outlet fins distribute the cleaned air throughout the entire room.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Advantageous air flow principle
Advantageous air flow principle The air contaminated with pollutants and suspended matter is sucked in near the ground to be purified thanks to the highly efficient HEPA filter technology. The air will then be blown black into the room from the upper side of the device without producing draughts.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Quick filter change
Quick filter change: The pre-filters and the HEPA filters are accessible from both sides which is why only few steps are required to change filters.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery includes: Two Dacron pre-filters and two combined HEPA/carbon filters are already preassembled.
AirgoClean® 250 E – Light and versatile
Light and versatile: The air cleaner weighs only 12 kg is equipped with recessed handles and can therefore be repositioned quickly and easily. Wherever you wish to have clean air!
AirgoClean® 250 E – Convenient transport wheels
Integrated transport wheels: Repositioning the device is even easier thanks to the integrated easy-running wheels. These allow the device to run smoothly over the floor

Fresh, clean air – Anywhere you need it

AirgoClean® 250 E – at home
Healthy room air for the entire family: Our own four walls are a comfort zone and a safe haven in order to recharge our batteries. The AirgoClean® 250 E provides clean and hygienically perfect air for breathing freely and healthily.
AirgoClean® 250 E – in the office
Whether in a conference room, for meetings or in open-plan offices: Not only during the flu season, pathogenic germs spread via the air. The AirgoClean® 250 E provides clean, filtered air to provide for productive working.
AirgoClean® 250 E – in waiting rooms
In acute situations, the turbo mode of the AirgoClean® 250 E allows to quickly and effectively remove airborne pollutants and suspended particles from the room air. In practice premises, this function is ideal for providing clean air after each treatment.
AirgoClean® 250 E – against allergens
Breathing freely – made possible for allergy sufferers: Pollen (farina) and other allergens can literally take your breath away. The AirgoClean® 250 E reliably filters almost all airborne allergens from the room air.
Technical data by comparison

All AirgoClean® air cleaners in direct comparison:

To find the air cleaner which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air cleaners of the AirgoClean® series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Multi-stage room air filter system with DACRON® pre-filter, HEPA carbon filter (99.97 %) and ionisation
  • Highly efficient HEPA filtration of fine dust particles, suspended particles, pollutants, germs and odours
  • Combined air quality indicator in LED colours with real-value display of fine particles (PM 2.5 value)
  • Suited for fully automatic air purification in rooms sized up to 220 m³
  • Purification volume max. 740 m³/h
  • 4 fan stages
  • 3 operating modes Automatic mode, turbo mode, night mode
  • Compactness and high performance combined with simple operation
  • Uncomplicated, quick filter change
  • Light detection function
  • Child lock
  • Memory function
  • Indicator lights for filter
  • Night mode (reduced noise emission)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

Good references are the best recommendation – see for yourself who relies on our products where the protection of employees, customers and children is concerned!

Good references are the best recommendation

You are looking for air cleaners for professional health protection for continuous commercial applications?

Our high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series and the AirgoClean® One enable highly effective room air purification by means of an H14 HEPA filter system certified according to EN 1822, as commonly required by hygiene concepts. This is why they are recommended by numerous leading research associations to reduce the airborne infection risk from virus-laden aerosol particles to a minimum, and why they are used all over the world by top companies, in schools, ministries and health facilities.

While the AirgoClean® One is our number 1 high-performance air purifier to produce virus-filtered clean air in smaller shops, offices, medical practices, law firms or exclusive private rooms, we recommend using our high-volume TAC high-performance air purifiers for effective air purification in highly frequented medium-sized and larger rooms. They are the world's first room air cleaners that have been developed explicitly for filtering out virus-laden aerosols in interior spaces. In addition to the mobile version for easy changes of location, all TAC models are also available as a stationary version – providing a clean design solution for clean air on the spot!

High-performance air purifier from Trotec – Continue to the TAC series for effective and comprehensive health protection


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Design-Luftreiniger AirgoClean® 250 E

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.580.001.050
Air flow rate
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m²/m³] 88 m² /220 m³
  Level 1 [m³/h] 384
  Level 2 [m³/h] 503
  Level 3 [m³/h] 624
  Level 4 [m³/h] 740
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Power input [kW] 0.045
  Nominal current consumption [A] 0.17
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/17
  Cable length [m] 1.8
Sound values
  Level 1 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 16.8
  Level 2 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 26.1
  Level 3 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 35.3
  Level 4 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 41.6
  stages 4
Safety feature
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 360
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 360
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 710
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 12
Equipment, features and functions
  Air quality sensor
  Air quality sensor (VOC) *
  Air quality display
  On / off switch
  Digital display
  Dust sensor
  Light detection function
  PM2.5 detection
  Child lock button
  Turbo mode
  Automatic operation
  Night mode
  Dimmable display
  Filter reset
  Plasma generator
Filter change indication
  Main filter
  Pre-filter Synthetic fibre
  HEPA filter HEPA carbon filter
  efficiency 99,97%
  Plastic wheels
  Carry/transport handle(s)
Housing design

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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