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AirgoClean® 110 E
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Designer air cleaner AirgoClean® 110 E

Clean air for a healthy lifestyle: 3x strong HEPA air cleaner – with ionisation and air quality indicator

Because clean air is naturally better

A healthy lifestyle is the best healthcare provision. In this way, we make an important contribution to protecting our bodies from diseases. A healthy life includes a balanced diet, sufficient exercise, restful sleep and, of course, clean breathing air. But we rarely worry about the room air quality – whereas we pay attention to additives in food and practise breathing exercises in yoga to recharge our batteries. Indoor air is rarely ever clean! Pollen, allergenic spores, mites, viruses and bacteria make our lives difficult. The more we breathe in of them, the more noticeable the effects on our well-being.

Which allergens and pollutants are filtered out of the air?

The air in interior spaces is usually more polluted than the outdoor air. People who live near busy roads unknowingly breathe in fine dust particles that enter their own four walls through windows and doors. With every breath, these tiny particles enter the body, sometimes unfolding their harmful effects much later.

The AirgoClean® 110 E removes 99.97 % of all airborne pollutants down to a size of 0.3 micrometres from the room air:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • House dust
  • Fine dust
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Mould spores
  • Pollen (farina)
  • Dust mites
  • Animal dander
  • Animal odours

Health care for an unencumbered life

Prescribe naturally clean air that is free from pollutants and pathogens for yourself and your family. With the recipe of nature! The air quality sensors of the 110 E monitor the quality and degree of pollution of the room air in order to clean it as required. The four-stage fan with a maximum air circulation rate of 205 m³/h allows for a noticeable improvement of the air quality in rooms sized up to 25 m² or 63 m³.

A guarantor for clean, purified air that has nothing to hide

The AirgoClean® 110 E is literally the golden mean. With its rounded corners and inward concave housing, the 110 E comes in a timelessly elegant design. The golden surface of the control panel creates a high-quality contrast to the otherwise restrained white. Equally impressive is the comfort equipment of the 110 E, which features three-stage HEPA filter technology and a coloured, illuminated air quality indicator. The high user comfort of the AirgoClean® 110 E is completed by three operating modes (automatic mode with light detection, turbo mode, night mode), a filter change indicator, a timer function and child protection for unattended operation.

High level of health protection for the entire family

Clean breathing air has a positive effect on our well-being and health. Air stands for lightness, motivation and movement. Clean air is the elixir of life for our spirit and mind. Air pollution, however, can cause oxidative stress and associated cell-damaging metabolites in the organism. Therefore, it is important to give the body time to find its balance in an unpolluted environment.

Paediatricians warn: the effects of fine particulates are underestimated

Particulate matter is particularly dangerous for children – but the danger is mostly underestimated. A WHO study has shown that the impact of polluted air on children's health begins in the womb and continues after birth. According to the study, children exposed to an increased level of air pollution develop an increased risk of asthma since the development of the lungs is impaired by pollutants. Even in old age, the negative effects of air pollution can still be felt in the body and can result in life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. 

AirgoClean® 110 E: the family insurance for uncontaminated room air

Protect yourself and your loved ones! We can only improve the outdoor air quality together through a forward-looking climate policy. At home, however, this can be achieved much easier and faster. The AirgoClean® 110 E helps you to do so and offers a high level of health protection for the whole family. Around the clock, fully automatically and 365 days a year if desired. It only takes one push of a button to remove almost all pollutants and negative influences from the room air fully automatically in the comfortable automatic mode. This way, particularly children and adolescents can develop in an uncontaminated environment. 

Automatic mode: intelligently controlled to find a healthy balance

In addition to the three manually adjustable air cleaning levels, the AirgoClean® 110 E comes with a user-friendly automatic mode. In this mode, several air quality sensors measure the room air quality and fine dust pollution. Sudden changes, for example caused by dirty children's shoes, open windows or kitchen smells, are registered almost immediately by the sensitive sensors. The air and filter performance of the device is then increased fully automatically to the necessary level until the contamination has been removed and can no longer be measured.

The best choice for reaching your goal without detours

Time is precious! The time of being sick is generally considered lost life time and for that reason alone is to be avoided. At the same time, we know that the modern concept of performance cannot be thought of without the concept of time. This is why the AirgoClean® 110 E with its powerful HEPA filter performance helps to achieve clean, uncontaminated air in the entire room impressively quickly. Another thing we know is: clean air is invisible to the naked eye. But you can feel it – with every deep breath of uncontaminated air, new strength and balance enters your body.

Turbo mode: full power for the best possible air quality

Quality time means filling the time you spend together with your loved ones with valuable things. And what could be more valuable than clean air? We need it to live, to relax, to feel good, or to gather new strength while exercising together. But only with hygienically perfect air can the body recharge its "batteries".

Do not wait any longer than necessary! When the AirgoClean® 110 E is set to turbo mode, the air in the living room, bedroom or children's room as well as in the fitness or yoga room is cleaned in no time. Pet hair and unpleasant animal odours as well as allergens (pollen, farina) and spores introduced from outside are removed from the room air with maximum speed. Of course, it seems reasonable to simply ventilate a room with poor air quality by opening the windows. However, in large cities and on main roads, this can lead to more polluted air blowing in through the window than out. Additionally, valuable fossil energy disappears unused into the open air when ventilating during the winter.

The room air can also be cleaned quickly and easily after you have received visitors. For even after the people have left the room, there may still be pathogens that are invisible to the eye, such as influenza and other viruses, floating in the room air. In acute situations, the turbo mode of the AirgoClean® 110 E allows to quickly and effectively remove 99.97 % of all airborne pathogens from the room air. In medical practices, this function is ideal for providing clean air after each treatment.

Aerodynamically and aeroacoustically optimised radial fan

Due to the optimal combination of its state-of-the-art components, the AirgoClean® 110 E achieves peak air flow rate values. The aerodynamically curved blades of the radial fan enable a high air throughput comparable to powerful wings, while at the same time generating minimal noise. The contaminated room air is sucked in near the ground via the air inlet on the side of the device. The air then passes through the combined DACRON, HEPA and CARBON filter technology compartments inside the device. The clean and pollutant-free air is then blown back into the room via the flow-optimised blow out flaps on the top of the device. By means of air circulation, the air will distribute and spread pleasantly throughout the room.

More than you expect – the harmony of performance, comfort and functionality

The room air cleaner AirgoClean® 110 E incorporates a perfect harmony and unity of air purification capacity, outstanding functionality, simple operation and an attractive price. A comprehensive package that you will only find in air cleaners of the AirgoClean® series in this device class.

Light detection function with automatic air flow control
When ambient brightness decreases, e.g. when the lighting is switched off or dusk starts to fall, the digital display is switched off and the fan stage reduced if the device is in automatic mode.

Filter cleaning indicator
Thanks to the useful filter cleaning indicator in the control panel, you will never again miss when it is time to clean the composite filter. The warning light alerts you to heavy soiling of the combined prefilter, which in the worst case limits the cleaning performance of your device.

Child and pet lock
Children are curious by nature and even pets discover their environment every day anew using their fur noses. The child lock can be activated by means of a keystroke combination and protects the settings of the air cleaner from curious children's hands and hairy noses. The status of the child lock is shown on the control panel.

Timer with automatic switch-off function
The easily programmable timer makes it possible to set a fixed operating time. The number of hours until automatic switch-off can be set to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. Just as your work-life balance requires – unnecessary operating times can also be avoided.

Memory function
After a power interruption, the air cleaner starts with the previously set brightness settings of the control panel and in the previously selected operating mode the next time the device is switched on.

Night mode with reduced fan stage and low background noise
With its low noise emission and the lighting being switched off, the night mode enables clean, filtered room air even during sleep. The air current is adjusted to your sleeping requirements fully automatically and the air flow rate is set to the lowest fan stage.

The comfort air cleaner AirgoClean® 110 E provides clean, unpolluted air for breathing, recharging and relaxing in your own four walls.

AirgoClean® 110 E

Healthy indoor climate thanks to "triple protection" filter technology

By combining three different filter technologies, allergens and pollutant particles as well as pathogens are reliably filtered from the interior air.

DACRON® prefilter

DACRON® is a designation for synthetically manufactured continuous polyester filaments, which are ideally suited as a prefilter in air purification due to their particularly allergy-neutral characteristics. The prefilters made of these synthetic fibres are particularly tear-resistant, durable and water-repellent. The synthetic fibre filter alone is able to filter odours of slight to medium intensity, coarse house dust and animal hair from the room air

Carbon filter

Ideal for pet owners. The tried and tested HEPA filter with integrated carbon filter effectively neutralises not only pollutants but also animal odours such as dog odour (inherent odour of man's best friend), dog or cat urine from the ambient air.

HEPA filter (99.97 %)

Pollen, allergens, fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, dust mite residues and mould spores sized down to 0.3 micrometres are eliminated in the HEPA filter. Due to the high filtration efficiency of 99.97 %, filters of this filter class are used e.g. in hygiene-sensitive laboratories and in the food production industry. These filters provide optimum conditions to turn your own four walls into an oasis of well-being with clean, fresh and filtered room air.

Quick and simple filter change

The AirgoClean® 110 E is just as easy to operate as it is to change the pre-mounted filters, which can be done in no time. In one simple step, the device cover can be removed without using tools. This way, prefilters, carbon and HEPA filters can be visually inspected and replaced if necessary.

Clean air for a healthier life, more well-being and an increased productivity – the AirgoClean® 110 E air cleaner makes it possible.

AirgoClean® 110 E – Compact dimensions
Despite its compact dimensions, the AirgoClean® 110 E purifies rooms sized up to 25 m² with its 4 fan stages, a turbo mode and a purification volume of up to 205 m³/h. The device cleans the surrounding air particularly thoroughly and surprisingly quiet from pollutants, pathogens and bad smells.
AirgoClean® 110 E – Display
All settings can simply be made via the control panel as needed. The optical air quality sensor indicates the current air quality in LED colours (green, orange, red) and adjusts the air purifying intensity in a fully automatic way.
AirgoClean® 110 E – Display
All settings can simply be made via the control panel as needed. The optical air quality sensor indicates the current air quality in LED colours (green, orange, red) and adjusts the air purifying intensity in a fully automatic way.
AirgoClean® 110 E – Display
All settings can simply be made via the control panel as needed. The optical air quality sensor indicates the current air quality in LED colours (green, orange, red) and adjusts the air purifying intensity in a fully automatic way.
AirgoClean® 110 E – Advantageous air flow principle
Advantageous air flow principle: the air contaminated with pollutants and suspended matter is sucked in near the ground to be purified thanks to the highly efficient HEPA filter technology. The air will then be blown black into the room from the upper side of the device without producing draughts.
AirgoClean® 110 E – Quick filter change
Thanks to the maintenance-friendly construction, the filter systems can be removed effortlessly and without tools in order to guarantee quick and easy filter changes.

AirgoClean® 110 E – at home
The AirgoClean® 110 E filters a large number of suspended particles from the room air and in doing so perceptibly improves the room air quality: viruses, fine dust, house dust, animal hair, allergens, pollen, mould spores and dust mite residues impair the well-being and health of the whole family. These and other pathogenic particles are removed from the air by 99.97 %.
AirgoClean® 110 E – when doing sports
With the right workout, the body starts to sweat. Therefore, it makes sense to open the window to allow the body to cool down. With the AirgoClean® 110 E you don't have to worry about fine dust particles entering the room through open windows. The smart device immediately detects open windows and automatically removes penetrating particles from the room air.
AirgoClean® 110 E – with pets
No matter how much we love our furry friends. Pet odours are among the most persistent smells. They include the animal's inherent odour. But also excretory products leave their "scent mark" every now and then. The AirgoClean® 110 E puts an end to these and other unpleasant smells. Its carbon filter effectively neutralises animal odours in the ambient air.
AirgoClean® 110 E – against allergens
Breathing freely – made possible for allergy sufferers: Pollen (farina) and other allergens can literally take your breath away. The AirgoClean® 110 E reliably filters almost all airborne allergens from the room air.
Technical data by comparison

All AirgoClean® air cleaners in direct comparison:

To find the air cleaner which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air cleaners of the AirgoClean® series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Multi-stage composite filter system with DACRON® prefilter, HEPA filter (99.97 %) and ionisation
  • Highly efficient HEPA filtration of fine dust particles, suspended particles, pollutants, germs and odours
  • Air quality indicator in traffic light colours
  • Suited for fully automatic air purification in rooms sized up to 63 m³
  • Purification volume max. 205 m³/h
  • 4 fan stages
  • 3 operating modes: automatic mode, turbo mode, night mode
  • Compactness and high performance combined with simple touch operation
  • Uncomplicated, quick filter change
  • Light detection function
  • Child lock
  • Timer function
  • Filter cleaning indicator
  • Night mode (reduced noise emission)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

You are looking for air cleaners for professional health protection for continuous commercial applications?

Our high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series and the AirgoClean® One enable highly effective room air purification by means of an H14 HEPA filter system certified according to EN 1822, as commonly required by hygiene concepts. This is why they are recommended by numerous leading research associations to reduce the airborne infection risk from virus-laden aerosol particles to a minimum, and why they are used all over the world by top companies, in schools, ministries and health facilities.

While the AirgoClean® One is our number 1 high-performance air purifier to produce virus-filtered clean air in smaller shops, offices, medical practices, law firms or exclusive private rooms, we recommend using our high-volume TAC high-performance air purifiers for effective air purification in highly frequented medium-sized and larger rooms. They are the world's first room air cleaners that have been developed explicitly for filtering out virus-laden aerosols in interior spaces. In addition to the mobile version for easy changes of location, all TAC models are also available as a stationary version – providing a clean design solution for clean air on the spot!

High-performance air purifier from Trotec – Continue to the TAC series for effective and comprehensive health protection


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Design-Luftreiniger AirgoClean® 110 E

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Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.580.001.025
Air flow rate
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m²/m³] 25 m² /63 m³
  Level 1 [m³/h] 54
  Level 2 [m³/h] 101
  Level 3 [m³/h] 140
  Level 4 [m³/h] 205
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Power input [kW] 0.022
  Nominal current consumption [A] 0.1
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.8
Sound values
  Level 1 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 31
  Level 2 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 42
  Level 3 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 44
  Level 4 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 56
  stages 4
Safety feature
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 194
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 358
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 505
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 5
Equipment, features and functions
  Air quality sensor
  Air quality sensor (VOC) *
  Air quality display
  On / off switch
  Dust sensor
  Light detection function
  Timer function
  Child lock button
  Turbo mode
  Memory function
  Automatic operation
  Night mode
  Filter change indication
Filter change indication
  Main filter
  Pre-filter Synthetic fibre
  HEPA filter HEPA carbon filter
  efficiency 99,97%
  Carry/transport handle(s)
Housing design

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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