Assembly work tents for earth- and connection works

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Assembly work tents for earth- and connection works

Trotec assembly work tents are ideally suited for earth and connection works, inspections of supply systems, canal construction and road works.

With the lightfast work tents, available in various designs and sizes, the perfect protection against wind and weather is established within a few seconds, so that work can continue without interruption caused by spells of bad weather.

Especially small teams and individual maintenance engineers can benefit from the use of our tried and tested work tents:

During transport and storage the small, handy and space-saving tents impress with their small storage space requirements. The high-quality polyester cloth does not put on weight in the rain and it is lightfast, since it only marginally absorbs the daylight without colour distortion. Pitching and taking down can be accomplished quickly and easily in a matter of seconds and by one person only.