Leak detection and piping maintenance

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Leak detection and piping maintenance

Profitability and quality of an effective water supply presuppose an efficient pipe network.

Even the smallest concealed leaks can cause surprisingly large water losses. In addition, there is the risk of contamination.

Here, the requirements to be met by engineers and measuring devices are especially high. Because pipe damage is often looming ahead but goes unnoticed for a long time.


The sooner potential or existing leaks are detected, the more effectively can water losses and consequential damages be avoided.

We as Europe's leading provider of measurement engineering equipment for leak detection and building diagnostics can offer you the ideal solution for any application requirement.

Whether for water pipe network inspections, route detection, zone measurements, prelocation and pinpoint location for the detection of leaks or pipelines, preventive maintenance, analysis of the state of pumps and technical installations during maintenance checks, pressure or flow rate measurements – we have the appropriate measuring devices and the required know-how for every measurement method and task:

Our measurement engineering equipment range includes noise and pressure data loggers, pipe detectors, high-performance correlators, sound and ultrasound measuring instruments, gas detectors, visual inspection systems, thermography cameras and much more.