Climate and humidity control

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Climate and humidity control

Material-straining surrounding conditions, high humidity values, continuous operation – technical installations in machine rooms or pump stations of waterworks and elevated tanks are exposed to extreme conditions.

During the treatment processes, water is an enormously valuable commodity, outside of them it can cause major damages. For too high humidity values can cause diverse problems:

Corrosion, condensation and mould growth, impairment of the water quality, increased maintenance effort on machines and buildings, damage to the building structure, higher energy costs and much more.

In clean water tanks or other rooms with open water, condensing water can not only damage the structure of load-bearing parts of the building, but also form a breeding ground for an increased microbial growth.

In machine rooms or pump stations, sweating water pipes can lead to condensation and associated corrosion damage at the technical installations.

Optimum humidity control in drinking water purification plants, well heads or clean water tanks not only prevents condensation, corrosion or mould formation and protects electronic equipment, but also ensures that the hygiene requirements are met and helps to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Our experts can effectively assist you in the creation and preservation of ideal room climate conditions, especially with the humidity control in technical facilities for water treatment and distribution.

Industrial dryer

Trotec is one of the leading equipment suppliers of mobile and stationary dehumidification solutions throughout Europe, which is why we can offer you the ideal solution for every task.

Our product portfolio comprises refrigerant dryers and desiccant dehumidifiers in every performance class and manifold models for operation in high- or low-temperature environments, for the combined heat recovery or air heating and also for use in Ex-proof zones.