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Unique report generating function
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Report? Completed!

Automated reports – ingeniously easy to manage for simply brilliant reports

Unique report generating function

A proverb says: He who writes, remains. Our reply is: He who writes, primarily spends longer office hours.

Better save this time and leave both, the office and a lasting impression: create outstanding measurement reports in next to no time using the ingenious automated report generating function of MultiMeasure Studio Professional.

This software function is unique in the building sector: with just one click, you cannot only paste entire fields from your customer or measurement data into the report, but also numerous entirely predefined boilerplate texts and templates for virtually every application.

All text elements can be readily adopted for your operation report, adapted and, if necessary, completely edited. Moreover, for quick access, you can store your own boilerplate texts permanently in the software database. These texts will always be retained despite software updates.

Thanks to this "integrated reporting system", in combination with the option of including your own company logo as well as individual headers and footers, you can generate impressively professional reports in next to no time, leaving a lasting, favourable impression on your customers!

Always up-to-date

The range of boilerplate texts available is constantly extended by us, and new texts will automatically be added to your software via the update function. This way, your reports will always be the state of the art.

Measurement data management, graphic evaluation and report generation become faster and easier than ever before using MultiMeasure Studio Professional.
Universal measurement data management
Measurement data of different devices can be conveniently read out, assigned to projects and customers and evaluated graphically.
Varied analysis possibilities
All data can be directly taken over into report templates and completed with ready-made text blocks.
Comprehensive template library for generating reports

MultiMeasure Studio Professional offers you an automated report generating function with completely pre-formulated and entirely editable boilerplate texts* for

  • Leak detection
  • Building diagnostics
  • Mould diagnostics
  • Climate and moisture measurement
  • Water damage restoration
  • Construction drying
  • Plus complementary function for individual boilerplate texts

Including complete templates* for

  • Measurement report Building diagnostics / thermography
  • Measurement report Non-destructive leak detection
  • Measurement report Mould diagnosis
  • Measurement report General moisture measurement
  • Offer Water damage restoration / construction drying
  • Final report Water damage restoration / construction drying

* Depending on the Pro Module, see comparison chart of all MultiMeasure Studio editions