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Voltage detectors
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Voltage detectors

Voltage detector for non-contact detection of voltage-carrying conductors and cable breaks

  • BE14 voltage detector-TrotecInnovations


    Fast and contactless voltage detection

    The BE14 is a non-contact phase detector that not only enables fast localization of line breaks in exposed cables, for example in cable drums or light chains, but also detects all live conductors such as sockets, switches or cable connections.

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  • BE15 voltage detector-TrotecInnovations


    Rapid, non-contact voltage detection

    The compact BE15 pen-type voltage detector with pocket clip is a non-contact phase tester that not only enables the rapid localization of open circuit cable breakages, but also detects all live conductors such as sockets, switches or cable connections. With the LED indicator integrated in the measuring tip, it is immediately possible to check whether a cable carries voltage (red) or not (green). In addition, a warning tone sounds. Two sensitivity levels are adjustable: 200 V and 24 V. To save energy when not in use, the BE15 has an on / off switch. In unfavorable lighting conditions, the built-in LED flashlight also proves to be extremely convenient.

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  • BE16 voltage detector-TrotecInnovations


    Voltage detector

    The practical voltage detector BE16 detects contactless voltage sources from only 5 volts up to 1,000 volts or 50 Hz up to 400 Hz. Its sensitivity can be infinitely adjusted with a rotary control. As soon as a voltage is detected, the BE16 is warned by a red flashing LED in the detector tip. In addition, an acoustic warning signal sounds. Thanks to the integrated LED lamp, safe and accurate work is possible even in dark places.

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Voltage detectors

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