Infrared radiant heaters of the IR series
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Infrared radiant heaters of the IR series

Enjoying warmth – with a reduced brightness of 80%

Immediately after switching on the IR series radiant heater, you will feel the soothing warmth on your skin. Intense heat that is produced selectively and without the need for preheating – a clean way of heating without causing noises, smells or dust circulation, hence also suitable for allergy sufferers. For the heat is produced following the natural principle of the sun: by means of infrared radiation, which heats up solid objects such as walls, the floor and the ceiling instead of the room air. These objects can store the heat for a longer period than the air and then release it in the form of secondary radiation.

The modern IR radiators heat up their direct surroundings not only quickly but also economically. As they convert a large part of the energy used directly into heat, infrared radiant heaters are especially energy-efficient compared to a hot air blower, for instance. This is the very reason why they are perfectly suited as standby heating solution – and they can be optimally used for all applications requiring targeted heat.

Comparison of conventional radiant heaters and low glare radiant heaters

100 % intense warmth with 80 % light reduction

The radiant heaters of the IR series use the new low-glare short-wave technology. Thanks to this innovation, the bright red light, which is frequently perceived as disturbing, is significantly reduced by up to 80 % – while one hundred percent of the heat intensity is maintained during the long lifetime of up to 6,000 hours. For the high-quality low-glare short-wave infrared tube generates a larger proportion of infrared light in the invisible light spectrum and additionally focusses the rays thanks to an innovative coating procedure, which also reduces the scattering loss.

The greatly reduced light radiation only affects the existing lighting concepts to a very little extent – in point of fact, the infrared heat even provides a pleasant candlelight atmosphere.

IP65 type of protection

Infrared radiant heaters are available in many different versions for indoor and outdoor use. An important criterion for device selection is whether or not your radiant heater may be exposed to water or plenty of dust at its site of assembly or installation. If an infrared radiant heater is mounted in the bathroom, for instance, it operates at high humidity levels. Moreover, depending on the site of installation, water jets may reach the housing in some way or other. An infrared radiant heater installed on your terrace should be able to withstand occasional downpours. Heaters used in the workshop, however, should be protected against dust to a certain extent.

The IP65 type of protection promises that dust cannot enter the housing and that the radiant heater will withstand water jets from all sides. The robust design permits both the installation on balconies or terraces and the use at winter sports events. Owing to their dust protection these radiant heaters can also be used in industrial buildings with high dust concentrations.

No matter where the radiant heaters of the IR series are put into operation – they remain tight. This is promised by their robust construction with IP65 protection: neither water or moisture nor dust can enter their housing. The radiant heaters even withstand water jets from all sides without any damage. The radiant heaters of the IR series are ideally suited for balconies and terraces without a roof since they handle occasional showers with ease.

IP65 type of protection

Overview of the Trotec IR series – which radiant heater is the right one for meeting your requirements?

The broadly diversified range of Trotec infrared radiant heaters will definitely offer you the right expert device for your individual and tailor-made heating application:

Infrared radiant heater IR 2010

Infrared radiant heater IR 2010

  • Width: 59.5 cm
  • 2,000 W
  • 1 heating level
  • 90° inclination
  • Low glare (80 % less light)
  • Rainproof (IP65 type of protection) 
  • For 8 – 13 m² (at a distance of approx. 3 m)
Infrared radiant heater IR 2050

Infrared radiant heater IR 2050

  • Width: 63 cm
  • 2,000 W
  • 3 heating levels (750 / 1,500 / 2,000 W)
  • 90° inclination
  • Low glare (80 % less light)
  • Rainproof (IP65 type of protection)
  • For 8 – 13 m² (at a distance of approx. 3 m)
  • Remote control
Infrared radiant heater IR 3050

Infrared radiant heater IR 3050

  • Width: 96 cm 
  • 3,000 W
  • 3 heating levels (1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 W) 
  • 60° inclination
  • Low glare (80% less light)
  • Rainproof (IP65 type of protection)
  • For 12 – 20 m² (at a distance of approx. 3 m)
  • Remote control

In addition to these wall radiant heaters with low-glare technology that are similar in design, at Trotec you’ll also receive further infrared heaters such as the IR-S radiant heaters, mobile pedestal radiant heaters of the IRS-E series and the fully dark infrared radiant heaters of the IRD series.

Overview of the maximum heating range of the infrared radiant heaters:

Application area Recommended
heating capacity per m²
Area that can be covered by an infrared heater
with 750 W with 1,500 W with 2,000 W with 3,000 W
Outside Sheltered:
approx. 150 W/m²
approx. 5 m² approx. 10 m² approx. 13 m² approx. 20 m²
No shelter:
approx. 250 W/m²
approx. 3 m² approx. 6 m² approx. 8 m² approx. 12 m²

You can proceed as follows to calculate the heating capacity (in watts) required for your room size:

Formula:  m² x W/m² = W
room size (m²) x recommended heating capacity per square metre (W/m²) = required heating capacity of the infrared radiator (W)

Sample calculation:
For a well insulated room sized 20 m² we recommend the following heating capacity: 20 m² x 100 W/m² = 2,000 W

Technical data by comparison

All infrared radiant heaters in direct comparison:

To find the radiant heater which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all radiant heaters from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Infrared heat without preheating
  • Even and targeted heat distribution
  • Clean, non-condensing, odourless and free from noise
  • No dust circulation, thus suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Up to 3,000 W of heating capacity
  • High-class, elegant design
  • Weatherproof aluminium
  • High-quality low-glare short-wave infrared tube – approx. 6,000 operating hours with a light reduction of 80 %
  • IP65 type of protection – water-jet-proof professional device, rainproof from all directions
  • Adjustable inclination angle with a wide effective range
  • Can be used in open outdoor areas
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Energy-efficient
Tested for safety

Benefit from the Trotec brand quality guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality. Via the registered GS mark the inspection authority SGS certifies that, if used foreseeably and as intended, the device does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the user.

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