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Humidifiers for an agreeable room climate

Using Trotec humidifiers in closed rooms – allowing you to breathe freely

Trotec evaporation humidifiers

Our product range offers a wide choice of electric humidifiers with various functions and modern designs. Humidification From the compact starter model to the versions also suited for larger rooms or which permit the addition of scented oil to sweeten the air – we have the right evaporation humidifier for every requirement.

The ideal humidity level

Especially during the winter the air in interior spaces is often too dry. This is attributable to several factors: for one thing, the cold air admitted to the room from outside when airing it out has a lower moisture absorption capacity. Then there is the matter of heating – often turned up to the maximum during the winter. The heater further heats the already dry air and sets it in motion – along with the irritating house dust. Should the humidity level fall below 30 per cent, this can certainly affect our health. Especially allergy sufferers and asthmatics often struggle with the consequences of excessively dry room air. According to the German Federal Environmental Agency the ideal humidity level ranges between 40 and 60 per cent. Studies also suggest that this is the range wherein most people feel particularly comfortable. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics feel best at the top of this range.

However, the humidity should not exceed 60 per cent for otherwise the moisture could start to precipitate on walls and furniture possibly resulting in mould growth, especially in the wintertime.

The comfort chart reveals at which temperature and humidity level people generally feel most comfortable.
Comfort chart
Breathe freely thanks to an evaporation humidifier

Breathe freely thanks to an evaporation humidifier

Too humid or too dry air at home is not only harmful to us; our favourite belongings such as antiques or books can also suffer damage.

Especially dry air often leads to eye irritations, frequent colds, dry coughing or irritated mucous membranes. 

An evaporation humidifier can be used to take the room air to an optimum level allowing you to breathe easy again. What is the optimum room humidity level and how does an electrical evaporation humidifier work? 

Cold evaporation principle for humidifiers

Many humidifiers heat the contained water, thus inadvertently creating the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Not in the case of the cold evaporation principle we employ for our evaporation humidifiers. The water remains cold and gives bacteria no additional reason to grow.

We differentiate between two options: an evaporator with honeycomb filter and an evaporator with a revolving humidification drum. The honeycomb filter makes use of a special honeycomb structure that draws the air into the humidified filter where it is “charged” with moisture. In case of the humidifier with revolving humidification drum, though, the air is sucked in by a fan and then led through a rotating drum with especially humidified filter fleece. As a result the air is not just enriched to the ideal humidity level, but also purified.

An agreeable room climate ensured by the humidifiers from Trotec

Be it humidifier, evaporator or air washer – Trotec devices allow you to breathe freely after only a short period of use. Both models optimally regulate the humidity level, thus ensuring a healthier room climate and protecting your furniture, books, paintings or antiques from damage caused by too dry or too humid air.