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Tower fans
Tower fans
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Tower fans

Efficient, economical, space-saving

TVE 40 T
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The inexpensive cooling solution

On principle a tower fan is tall and lean. The slim contours are like the distinguishing feature to immediately tell it apart from fans with blades that take up more space. Elegantly and inconspicuously it integrates into your living environment like no other cooling solution can. The base is positioned on the floor, causing mostly the lower layers of room air to be whirled around. As such it is particularly well suited for use in office spaces and bedrooms.

The tower fan can be placed discreetly in a corner and repositioned without much effort when cool air is required at another location. Convenient tower fan models even have an integrated handle just for transport purposes.

During operation the oscillation function can be switched on in addition. Which means that: Either the entire device rotates at a defined angle around its base or the internal fin construction moves to and fro. The latter version is considered to be less susceptible to faults. Another advantage of the internal oscillation option is the resulting low-key look. A naturally alternating air flow is generated without the movement of the fins being visible.

The air current produced by a tower fan covers almost its entire height. With this extensive effective area and the special fin construction the tower fan operates with an extremely high efficiency even at a relatively low wattage. On average the tower fan comes with 45 watts of power. This corresponds to the performance level of the TVE 30 T from Trotec. A relatively small energy demand reflected in the low operating costs of the tower fan.

What is oscillation? What do the degree values stand for?

What is oscillation? What do the degree values stand for?

The oscillation is indicated in degrees. These degree values define the angle which the tower fan or rather the internal fin construction travels in an alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. Customary for tower fans is an oscillation between 75 and 90 degrees. The TVE 30 T oscillates by 80 degrees: this angle is perfectly adequate for a ventilation to be perceived as natural. In case of most devices the oscillation function can be disabled by means of a switch or button. The TVE 30 T also permits this optional switch-off.

Low noise

Sound level

The tower fan’s silent operation goes hand in hand with its slim, inconspicuous exterior. The fin construction ensures a great efficiency in a compact space. During operation the sound level ranges between 50 and 65 decibels. Thus the tower fan belongs in the hearing spectrum between 40 and 65 decibels that we humans still perceive as agreeable or rather non-disruptive. Measured at a distance of one meter Trotec’s tower fan TVE 30 T emits an operating noise of 60 decibels when set to maximum.

Performance characteristics:

  • Space-saving
  • Slim, subtle design
  • For mobile application
  • High safety standards due to
    risk-free fin construction
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Low power consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Modern design
  • Silent operation 

Functional range

Control panel of the TVE 30 T

The technical characteristics are at the heart of the tower fan. Additionally, the tower fan may be equipped with numerous functions and extras facilitating its operation and customizing the performance. A well-arranged control panel is vital. It is irrelevant whether the functions are selected via buttons, switches or the display of the tower fan – what matters more is the reasonable structure of the functional units. The control buttons of Trotec’s TVE 30 T are neatly arranged in a straight line. Located above them is a rotary switch for further settings. For reasons of accessibility the control panel is usually positioned on top of the tower fan.

On the inside of the tower fan the air current is generated by the movement of a fin construction around a rotation axis. This construction does not take up a lot of space and therefore fits into a neat and slim design. Despite its compactness the tower fan has several stages that achieve efficient cooling.

  • Settings for performance levels: Depending on your individual needs and taste, the tower fan offers high, medium and low power stages to choose from. On the control panel of the tower fan TVE 29 T, for example, you can set the 3 speed levels either with or without oscillation function.
  • Swing function: This setting on the tower fan closely imitates the surge and abatement of a natural draught.
  • Timer: An important function if you want to save energy ... For instance, you can set the timer to a runtime of one hour, so you can drift off to sleep accompanied by a refreshing breeze.
  • Remote control: Using the remote control you switch the tower fan on or off and adjust its settings from your desk, sofa or bed. The TVE 40 T is an exemplary tower fan that can be controlled by use of the remote control.
  • Integrated carrying handle: These convenient extra facilitates transport.
  • Cable length: A sufficient cable length is definitely one of the tower fan's advantages that allows you to position the tower fan exactly where the heat is. The cable of the TVE 30 T, for instance, has a length of 1.9 metres.
TVE 36 T
TVE 36 T


Using permanently installed air conditioning systems is reflected in the monthly electricity bill.
Is that also true for tower fans?

Purchasing a permanently installed air conditioning system can be expensive. If you have already considered the installation of such an air conditioning system, the tower fan is certainly a more cost-efficient alternative and operates almost as effectively. What is more, permanently installed air conditioning systems often look out of place in the otherwise harmoniously decorated living environment.

Another advantage of the tower fan: Its mobility. Owing to its space-saving dimensions it can easily be transported to the intended location and stored away in a closet when no longer needed.

Is it true that due to its operating noise a high-performance tower fan cannot be placed in bedrooms and chill-out areas?

Absolutely not. The tower fan’s advantage is that it already achieves a high level of efficiency at a low wattage. A device with merely 45 W such as Trotec’s TVE 30 T runs agreeably silent and accomplishes the cooling your body craves for on hot summer days.

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