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Infrared heating panels

Modern heating technology with an appealing design

No matter what the outside temperature: have a good time inside your own four walls by choosing the products of the ComfortTemp series to establish the optimal feel-good temperature in your living spaces – anywhere and anytime.

The infrared heating panels of the TIH series combine the latest heating technology and a sophisticated design. Whether used as additional heating in the hobby room, in the fitness room, in the bedroom or in the living room: no other heating solution heats more efficiently.

With a maximum efficiency of 100 %, the entire energy input is converted into heat output. Unlike alternative heating solutions, which first heat up the air and then distribute it throughout the room, this infrared heating panel works on the principle of the most natural heat source: the sun.

The heat is generated by infrared radiation and transported directly onto the skin via light waves, and thus creates a noticeably agreeable heating effect – without producing any noises or unpleasant smells and without requiring a warm-up phase.

Conspicuous or inconspicuous? That's up to you. Due to its flat design, the TIH heating panel can hide almost invisibly in the background, or it can be individualized and thus become the eye-catcher of any room. At first sight, the heater is not recognizable as such. With appropriately glued-on motifs, the heater becomes a wall-mounted piece of art, with enormous inner values.