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Battery charger PBCS 4A
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Universal battery change with LC display for charging and maintaining 12 V car and motorcycle batteries – incl. a supply mode for battery changes without data loss

An all-rounder for maintaining 12 V batteries

The battery chargers from Trotec’s PBCS series offer you the right charger for every vehicle type. The portable battery charger PBCS 4A with a charging current of 4 amperes and a backlit LC display is a microprocessor-controlled all-round charger with a 10-stage charging cycle. Whether you use it for quick charging, reconditioning after deep discharging or to ensure that all settings remain the same when the battery is changed – thanks to its excellent full equipment, the PBCS 4A is ideal for maintaining 12 V batteries between 4 Ah and 120 Ah, for example of small cars, saloon cars and motorcycles. Both non-maintenance-free and maintenance-free 12 V batteries are supported, including wet batteries like lead acid, Ca/Ca and EFB batteries as well as gel and AGM batteries. Adapted to technically advanced and powerful batteries of modern vehicles, the charger offers you a comprehensive range of technical protective and maintenance mechanisms and ensures quick, gentle charging, thus attaining a long battery lifetime at full performance.

Protection against deep discharge, battery damage and battery-related breakdowns

If you drive a convertible with a seasonal license plate, a classic or vintage car or a motorised two-wheeler, you’ll be familiar with this problem: Low temperatures in the winter, rare use, short distance rides and age affect the battery and impair its performance. A lack of maintenance and care considerably decreases the battery’s service life. And this may well be the reason why your car refuses to start from one day to the next.

A problem that is not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. Especially if a battery replacement is the only way to get your vehicle going again. Although battery technology is already very advanced nowadays, deeply discharged car batteries remain the most common cause of breakdowns – and there’s not always a neighbour with a jumper cable on the spot. With the trickle charging mode, the PBCS 4A protects the battery from deep discharge and maintains it at a constantly ideal charging level.

To ensure that your vehicle starts reliably

With the universally applicable battery charger PBCS 4A you ensure the reliability of your fleet and extend the service life of 12 V batteries. Problems with the battery pack are prevented, annoying starting issues are a thing of the past, important vehicle settings are maintained when the battery is changed.

The scope of equipment features and functions of the PBCS 4A comprises: 

  • Six adjustable programs (standard charging mode, AGM mode, winter charging mode, trickle charging mode, reconditioning mode, supply mode)
  • Five-stage charging progress indication (20 %, 40 %, 60 %, 80 %, 100 %)
  • Optical warning function in the case of incorrect polarity of the battery terminals (incl. reverse polarity protection functionality)
  • Practical suspension eye for wall mounting
  • Fully insulated battery terminals

The intelligent microprocessor control of the PBCS 4A monitors the multi-stage charging cycle constantly and adapts it fully automatically if required.

Operational safety is a top priority of the PBCS 4A

The charger is protected against dust and splash water by IP65 degree of protection. The PBCS 4A reliably protects the battery against excessive charge and overheating. Inadvertently reversing the battery poles during the connecting procedure is no problem either: The integrated reverse polarity protection functionality prevents short circuits, sparking as well as damage to the battery or the charger. A warning message in the LC display indicates that the battery voltage is too low or too high.

For reliable charging, care and change of 12 V batteries

The easy-to-handle PBCS 4A features the following charging programs:

Standard charging mode

The standard charging mode is suitable for charging partially discharged lead acid and gel type 12 V batteries. The cyclically optimised charging process increases the battery’s service life.

AGM charging mode

The AGM charging mode is specifically suited for charging 12 V batteries of the AGM type. The cyclically optimised charging process increases the battery’s service life.

Winter charging mode

Modern batteries (lead acid, AGM and gel) are extremely temperature-sensitive. When the ambient temperature drops below 5 °C, the chemical processes in a lead acid battery slow down. Then the winter charging mode is perfect for quickly charging 12 V batteries in cold environments (-20 °C to +5 °C) with an increased charging end voltage.

Trickle charging mode

Trickle charging mode serves to permanently and reliably compensate for the battery’s self-discharge (lead acid, AGM and gel). The maximum charging capacity is maintained constantly without damaging the battery by excessive charging. Ideally suited to prevent deep discharge of the batteries of rarely used vehicles like vintage cars or convertibles with seasonal licence plates.

Reconditioning mode for dismounted and freestanding batteries

Reconditioning mode serves to repair deeply discharged lead acid batteries to ensure that they can resume their nominal capacity. The battery’s lifetime is extended, in many cases reconditioning can prevent the necessity of purchasing a new battery. For batteries with a closed design (e.g. AGM or gel), the reconditioning mode is not suitable.

Supply mode

When a battery has to be disconnected or changed, the PBCS 4A in supply mode serves as a power source. All electronic settings of the vehicle remain unchanged.

Notes regarding the charging time of batteries with the PBCS 4A

The duration of the charging process depends on the respective charging status and the charging capacity of the battery. A five-stage charging indicator provides information on the charging progress.

Approximate charging time (up to 80 %):

  •   8 Ah: approx. 2 hours
  • 20 Ah: approx. 5 hours
  • 40 Ah: approx. 10 hours
  • 70 Ah: approx. 18 hours
  • 80 Ah: approx. 20 hours

The convenient and compact battery charger PBCS 4A extends the service life of 12 V vehicle and motorcycle batteries as well as batteries for mobile lawn mowers and ensures the reliability of vehicles that are rarely used.

The right charger makes all the difference

The choice of the right charger should be carefully considered, depending on the amount of charging energy you require for your vehicle. Trotec offers you a total of 4 battery chargers, PBCS 2A, PBCS 4A,  PBCS 6A and PBCS 10A, with a charging current of up to 10 A and a capacity of up to 200 Ah in the comprehensive car technology product rangeHere you can find an overview of the different battery chargers and their fields of application.  To make sure that you have the right charger for every application purpose at hand!

Special equipment features of the PBCS 4A

PBCS 4A – dimensions
The battery charger PBCS 4A offers strong performance with compact dimensions. Optimised to the technically advanced and powerful batteries of today’s vehicles, the battery charger comes equipped with a range of technical protective and maintenance mechanisms.
PBCS 4A – battery types
The PBCS 4A is suitable for both non-maintenance-free and maintenance-free 12 V batteries, including wet batteries like for instance lead acid, Ca/Ca and EFB batteries as well as gel and AGM batteries
PBCS 4A – vehicle types
With a charging current of 4 amperes, the PBCS 4A is suitable for 12 V batteries of vehicles, motor scooters, motorcycles or garden tractors with 4 Ah to maximum 120 Ah.
PBCS 4A – microprocessor control
The 10-stage charging cycle of the Trotec battery charger is monitored and adjusted automatically by the intelligent microprocessor control.
PBCS 4A – winter charging battery
To ensure that your car starts reliably even in winter: The winter charging mode of the PBCS 4A is especially perfect for effective charging at cold outdoor temperatures from -20 °C to +5 °C.
PBCS 4A – reconditioning mode
The reconditioning mode serves to repair deeply discharged lead acid batteries to ensure that they can resume their nominal capacity. In this way, the battery’s lifetime is extended.
PBCS 4A – trickle charger
The trickle charge function protects and preserves the battery to maintain a constant, ideal charging level. This makes the PBCS 4A also an excellent choice for seasonal vehicles with long standing times and protects their batteries against deep discharging.
PBCS 4A – supply mode
In the supply mode, the PBCS 4A serves as a reliable power source when a battery has to be disconnected or changed. In this process all electronic settings of the vehicle remain unchanged.
PBCS 4A – 6 charging programs
The battery charger PBCS 4A features six charging programs: Standard charging mode, AGM charging mode, winter charging mode, trickle charging mode, reconditioning mode and supply mode.
PBCS 4A – digital LC display
The backlit LC display shows at a glance the battery voltage in volts, the charging progress in the form of a 5-stage bar chart view (20 %, 40 %, 60 %, 80 % and 100 %), the set operating mode as well an incorrect battery voltage or reverse polarity as a warning triangle.
PBCS 4A – IP65 protection class
The function for automatic overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protection preserves both the charger and your battery. The PBCS 4A is provided with fully insulated terminals and is dust-proof and protected against splash water by IP65 degree of protection. With the convenient suspension eye, the PBCS 4A can be fastened on nails or hooks.
Product range of the battery chargers from the PBCS series
Whether you have a mower tractor, motor scooter, motorcycle, car, SUV, camper van, van or boat – Trotec’s car technology product range will surely provide you with the suitable charger for your battery and vehicle type.

Strong battery performance with the battery charger PBCS 4A

PBCS 4A – vintage cars
Who is not familiar with this scenario: the car won’t start, even after giving it a firm push start, and you’re late for a date or an important appointment. Let alone having to buy an expensive new battery or having to call the breakdown service. But there is a way to avoid this! The right battery charger for your vehicle type will save you from unpleasant surprises – especially in winter or after longer vehicle standstill times, for example in the case of a vintage car.
PBCS 4A – for car batteries, motorcycle batteries and batteries of utility vehicles
Thanks to its suspension eye, the battery charger PBCS 4A can be attached to the bonnet, for instance using a hook or wire, or mounted on the wall with a nail. Use the charger to recharge your 12 V car batteries effectively and safely. Furthermore, the trickle charge mode protects against deep discharging and extends the battery’s service life.
Technical data by comparison

All battery chargers in direct comparison:

To find the battery charger which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all battery chargers from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Battery charger 12 V, 4 Ah to 120 Ah
  • Max. charging current 4.0 A
  • Perfect for vehicles with a 12 V battery, e.g. cars, motorcycles, mobile lawn mowers
  • Multi-stage charging cycle with microprocessor control and monitoring
  • Automatically adjusts to the battery voltage
  • All-round battery charger for various battery types, e.g. gel, EFB, AGM, Ca/Ca-, lead-acid batteries
  • High-quality AGM/EFB technology for start-stop systems
  • Protection type IP65: dust- and water-jet-proof
  • Increased battery life through charging process
  • Trickle charging mode protects the battery from deep discharge
  • Supply mode protects the vehicle settings when disconnecting or changing the battery
  • Ideal for seasonal vehicles with long standing times (e.g. convertibles, vintage cars, motorcycles, quads)
  • Winter charging mode for ambient temperatures below 5 °C
  • LC display with battery voltage and charging progress indication
  • Maximum safety: electronic overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity and overheating protection
  • Memory function for standard, AGM, trickle charging and winter charging mode
  • Fully insulated battery terminals
  • Practical suspension eye, e.g. for wall mounting

Find the right battery charger for your vehicle

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Batterieladegerät PBCS 4A

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.675.000.005
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  Coefficient of performance (COP) [%] 90
  Min. charging current [A] 1
  Max. charging current [A] 4
  Reverse current
  Noise voltage Not specified
  Battery types Lead acid, AGM, GEL, Wet, Ca/ca, EFB
  Power input [W] 70
  Charging voltage Rekonditionierungsmodus 15.3 V DC / 1.5 A
  Charging voltage Versorgungsmodus 3 A
  Output voltage [V] 12
  Charging end voltage 14,2 V / 15,3 V
  Capacity 8 Ah [h] 2
  Capacity 20 Ah [h] 5
  Capacity 40 Ah [h] 10
  Capacity 70 Ah [h] 18
  Capacity 80 Ah [h] 20
  Capacity Standardmodus 4 - 120 Ah
  Capacity AGM-Modus 4 - 120 Ah
  Capacity Winterlademodus 4 - 120 Ah
  Capacity Erhaltungslademodus 2 - 32 Ah
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.5
  Cable length charging cable ( - ) [m] 1.55
  Cable length charging cable ( + ) [m] 1.55
  Number of battery terminals (copper wire) 2
  Residual current device Not available
  Connection line H03VVH2-F
  Cable cross-section [mm²] 0.5
Safety feature
  Protection class II
  Overheating protection
Ambient conditions
  Umgebungsbedingungen - Lagerung -20 - 40 °C
Control panel
  LED display
Functions and features
  Operating modes 5
  LED display
  Fully automatic charging procedure
  Indication of the charging voltage
  Charging progress indication
  Microprocessor control
  Standard mode
  AGM mode
  Winter charging mode
  Trickle charging mode
  Reconditioning mode
  Supply mode
  Charging cycle analysis
  Pulse charging
  Memory function
  Reverse polarity protection
  Short-circuit protection
  Protection against undervoltage
  Overcharging protection
  Automatic fault diagnosis system
  Charging status indicator
  Charging cycle Multi-stage, 10 stages
  Soft start
Housing design
  Suspension eye
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 227
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 90
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 50
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.44

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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