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Capacity calculation pool air dehumidification
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Capacity calculation pool air dehumidification

Find the best DS-Series swimming pool dehumidifier for you with our online calculator

In swimming pool areas there are a number of interacting room climate factors. The higher the humidity level, the lower the degree of evaporation. What is at stake on the other hand is a higher risk of mould formation, possible structural damages and the well-being of the user.

Therefore, your private indoor swimming pool or whirlpool should be dehumidified to an ideal level.

Which dehumidification capacity meets your needs can be calculated quickly and easily using the information provided on this website. Seeing as the climatic interdependency of air and water is very complex, we broke the calculation parameters down for you to the truly essential factors.

A preferably consistent room temperature exceeding the water temperature is highly recommended, also in order to counteract falling below the dew point. To make sure that your dripping wet pool guests are comfortable rather than shivering, the temperature difference should amount to no more than 4 °C.

Simply insert the values of your pool size and water temperature below and after clicking on "Calculate" a recommendation regarding the room temperature and the required dehumidification performance per hour and day will be displayed immediately.

Dehumidification performance per hour:


Dehumidification performance per day:


For recalculation you can also click the desired value on the temperature curve.

Adapted to your conditions

Our recommendation for you:

Your climate parameters make a device specification outside the available standard program required. Our consultants will inform you personally to an individual solution for your needs.

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