Glue gun PGGS 10-230V
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Glue gun PGGS 10‑230V

Gluing with or without a cable – thanks to an integrated heat storage system

PGGS 10-230V – Craft fun
PGGS 10-230V – Glue fabric
PGGS 10-230V – Scope of delivery

Ideally suited for professional gluing, sealing, grouting, tinkering and decorating

The glue gun PGGS 10‑230V is the professional solution for almost every bonding task in the household or workshop. Whether it comes to gluing, sealing, grouting, tinkering or decorating – adhesive bonds are created within only a few seconds while clean working results are guaranteed with this glue gun. And in case there is no power outlet nearby, an integrated heat storage system allows for mobile, cordless operation.

With its electronically controlled heating element, the PGGS 10‑230V ensures quick readiness for use, while its high melting power of 25 W in continuous operation helps to maintain a constant operating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. After only a few minutes the professional glue gun is ready to solidly and permanently bond, for example, wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpet, seals and ceramic. The mechanical feed of the glue sticks allows for both precise dosing and accurate, fast application of the glue. An integrated drip lock, designed as a glue retraction mechanism, prevents the glue from dripping and thus ensures clean working.

Craft and decoration idea: Using coloured glue sticks you can add beautiful embellishments to your decorative items, flower vases, Christmas decorations, Alice bands, jewellery and clothing. By the way, children enjoy tinkering twice as much!

Cordless and with exchangeable nozzles – always ready for use

The best evidence of the high operational readiness of the PGGS 10-230V is the fact that it can also be used as a cordless glue gun. This is made possible by the integrated heat storage system allowing for cordless working for roughly half an hour. To recharge the device, simply place it in the device holder or connect the power cable. The 2 metre connection cable offers an extensive range of motion for longer periods of use.

Furthermore, the supplied exchangeable nozzles provide yet more flexibility: unlike the universal nozzle, the extra-long fine nozzle makes it possible to apply small amounts of glue at poorly accessible locations, and the wide slot nozzle allows for large-scale glue application, which comes in handy for sealing or grouting, for instance. The glue nozzle can be quickly cleaned by simply wiping it off.

PGGS 10-230V – Wire stand
PGGS 10-230V – in action
PGGS 10-230V – Scope of delivery

Everything under control – even for longer tasks

Safety is a key focus of the robust PGGS 10‑230V. For this reason, the nozzle is equipped with a heat protection cover. The wire stand additionally guarantees safe positioning outside the device holder, and an LED status indicator informs the user when the device is ready for use. Since the glue gun can be used with commercially available glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of up to 150 mm, it is suited for both small bonding tasks requiring little glue and more extensive tasks with high material consumption.

Well prepared for the next application

After use, the glue gun can be stored cleanly and neatly in the suitable transport case, in which the device is delivered as standard: it contains the glue gun PGGS 10‑230V and its accessories including a fine nozzle, wide slot nozzle, universal nozzle, 6 colourless glue sticks, a wire stand, device holder with drip tray as well as the connection cable.

The key equipment features of the PGGS 10-230V at a glance

Glue retraction
The glue retraction mechanism ensures clean working and prevents dripping.
Exchangeable nozzles
Thanks to the supplied exchangeable nozzles the glue gun PGGS 10 230V is suited for many different purposes.
Cordless working enabled by an integrated heat storage system
The integrated heat storage system allows you to work easily and flexibly.
Operating control lamp
The operating control lamp indicates when the glue gun is ready for use.
Fine nozzle
Optimum adhesive dosing.
Wire stand
Thanks to the wire stand the glue gun can be put down everywhere.
Device holder with drip tray
The supplied device holder doubles as a charging station and, thanks to its drip tray, prevents unwanted glue dripping.
Glue sticks (11 mm / 150 mm)
Suitable for glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm.

Perfectly suited for professional gluing and grouting, tinkering and decorating

PGGS 10-230V – Gluing a carpet bar
Simply glue detached carpet bars back in place. Using the PGGS 10‑230V you can carry out small repairs at home quickly and easily.
PGGS 10-230V – Gluing wooden furniture
With the PGGS 10 230V you can permanently glue wooden furniture.
PGGS 10-230V – Attaching a mirror to the wall
Small mirrors can be attached to a bathroom wall effortlessly using the PGGS 10 230V.
PGGS 10-230V – Gluing door seals
Rubber seals on doors can be fastened quickly and easily with the glue gun PGGS 10 230V.
PGGS 10-230V – Gluing edging strips of countertops
Edging strips can be effortlessly attached to countertops using the glue gun PGGS 10 230V.
PGGS 10-230V – Bonding clay or ceramics
Repairing planters or broken porcelain parts becomes mere child's play with the PGGS 10‑230V.
PGGS 10-230V – Re-attaching the sole of a shoe
Who is not familiar with this scenario? A part of the sole has detached. Simply glue it back in place and you will be able to enjoy your favourite pair of shoes for much longer.
PGGS 10-230V – Model construction
The flexible and practical glue gun PGGS 10 230V is also perfectly suited for model construction.
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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • High melting power of 25 W for a constant operating temperature in continuous operation
  • Ideally suited for professional gluing, sealing, grouting, tinkering and decorating
  • Cordless working enabled by an integrated heat storage system
  • Immediate adhesion after a few seconds
  • Fatigue-free working due to light weight
  • Electronically controlled heating elements for quick operational readiness and constant operating temperature
  • Glue retraction ensures clean working and prevents dripping
  • Optimum adhesive dosing possible
  • Enhanced usability due to exchangeable nozzles
  • Wire stand for safe positioning outside the device holder
  • Charging by placing the device in the device holder or using the power cable
  • Suitable for glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm
  • Wide operating range owing to robust 2 m rubber cable
  • TÜV*-tested quality
  • *(German Association for Technical Inspection)

All important features at a glance

High melting power of 25 W
Quick heat-up system – only 5 minutes of heat-up time
Integrated heat storage system
200 °C melting temperature
Immediate adhesion after a few seconds
Feed trigger for optimum dosage
Operating control lamp
Glue retraction
Wire stand
Drip tray
Suitable for glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm
Exchangeable nozzles
Robust 2 m rubber cable
Cordless operation possible
Device holder / charging station
Delivered in a carry case
Scope of delivery of the glue gun PGGS 10-230V

The glue gun PGGS 10‑230V is supplied with a fine nozzle, wide slot nozzle, universal nozzle, 6 colourless glue sticks, a wire stand, device holder with drip tray, connection cable and transport case.

With the PGGS 10-230V you are always on the safe side, for this glue gun is supplied in TÜV-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a glue gun: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

Trotec's PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good and cheap at the same time. For we do not only stand for measuring devices and air conditioners, but also for power tools of brand quality: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

TÜV – Tested for safety

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.445.000.101
Technical data
  Power input [W] 25
  Power input during start-up [W] 500
  Heating-up time [min] 5 min
  Melting point [°C] 200
  Adhesive output [g/min] 15
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
  Cable length [m] 2
Ambient conditions
  Min. ambient temperature for working °C [°C] 5
  Max. ambient temperature for working °C [°C] 50
Safety feature
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 183
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 33
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 175
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.267
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Operating control lamp
  Feed trigger
  Automatic switch-off Not available
  Wire stand
  Drip tray
  Integrated heat storage system
  Nozzle with heat protection cover
  Device station
Standard scope of delivery
Accessories scope of delivery
  Device holder with drip tray
  Glue sticks 6 pcs., Diameter of 11 mm, length 150 mm
  Exchangeable nozzles Fine nozzle, Wide slot nozzle, Universal nozzle
  Transport case

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available

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