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LTC and LTS positioning systems

For locating pinpoints and routes in non-metallic pipes

For underground construction work, the position and route of pipes and conduits is not always known or explicitly documented. This often leads to significant damage to cables and pipes during excavation, which bring about considerable repair costs.

By using LTS positioning systems, finding non-metallic pipes is made much simpler.

The range of applications of LTS positioning devices includes all areas of underground construction work, for example, fresh and waste water piping, cable laying, drainage and landfill work.

And for indoor installations, the compact LTC systems are particularly valuable for determining pipe routes or locating defects.

Very stable pushing with small bending radii

The push cable profile of the LTC and LTS systems consists of a special combination of fibreglass cores with integrated copper wires and a polypropylene protective sleeve, which combines the pushing stability of a stiff rod with the flexibility and small bending radius needed from experience.

Thus, the cable can also be hand-fed in complex, laid pipe systems quickly, easily and precisely.

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