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Energy cost measuring devices

Reliable measuring instruments for the determination and minimisation of energy costs

  • BX09 energy cost measuring device-TrotecInnovations


    Practical energy cost meter

    Which electrical device in your office or household costs what amount of energy?

    This question is answered quickly and reliably by the energy cost measuring device BX09 – offered at an optimum value-for-money ratio.

    With a minimum possible current indication of 0.1 W this measuring device even gets on the track of the smallest energy wasters, e.g. devices in standby mode.

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  • BX50 MID-TrotecInnovations

    BX50 MID

    Energy cost measuring device

    In this day and age, precise and accurate billing of energy costs incurred, e.g. in the framework of restoration work or ongoing site work, is mandatory, since insurance companies and customers do not want to pay more than is necessary. By means of the energy measuring device BX50 that is calibrated and MID-certified in accordance with DIN EN50470-1/3 the energy demand of electrical devices can be determined quickly and easily. Since it measures the consumption directly via the socket. The tamper-proof device features a measuring range from 0.25 to 16 A. With the indication of watts, volts, amperes, active power, power factor (cos φ), kWh and the mains frequency, all important parameters for efficient energy monitoring can be retrieved at all times.

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