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Air-to-air heat pumps without an external unit

Heating and cooling energy-efficiently by means of renewable energy

The 4-in-1 wall-mounted air conditioner PAC-W 2650 SH is an air-to-air heat pump with integrated heating and cooling function. The largest part of the thermal energy required for heating the living space is withdrawn from the outdoor air. The proportion of renewable electricity from the socket in heating mode only amounts to one third. About two thirds of the thermal energy emitted is obtained with zero emissions from the ambient air. Thanks to this principle of regenerative heat recovery, the air-to-air heat pump PAC-W 2650 SH is ideally suited as an environmentally sound and particularly energy-efficient heating solution for new buildings or as a simple means for retrofitting houses and flats.

Complements your existing gas or oil heating in houses and flats

Complements your existing gas or oil heating in houses and flats

Gas, oil and pellets are more expensive than ever and it can be anticipated that the prices for fossil fuels will continue to remain at a high level in the years to come. It is a smart decision to rely on an economically priced and fuel-efficient air-to-air heat pump from Trotec to relieve the gas, oil or pellet heating, in order to reduce the heating costs in the wintertime – without cutting down on the living comfort and the usual room temperatures.

In contrast to split systems, the monobloc unit PAC-W 2650 SH, which can be used as a chest-type (floor-standing) or wall-mounted (on the wall/under the ceiling) device, does not require any additional external unit and is therefore recommended as an especially easily-to-install alternative to your existing heating system.

The whole heating and cooling technology is fitted compactly in the flat slimline housing of the living space-friendly interior device. Two core drillings in the wall of the building is all that it takes to supply the flat or house with cost-effective warmth and to provide for perfectly adjusted room temperatures throughout the year.

Saving heating costs by renewable energy

Saving heating costs by renewable energy

The air conditioner PAC-W 2650 SH generates up to 2.3 kW of heat from 0.7 kW of electricity. Therefore the energy input for the heat generated is considerably lower than the costs of heating systems with fossil energies such as gas, oil or pellets.

Excellent energy efficiency

The EU energy efficiency label shows how efficient the air conditioner PAC W 2650 SH is for heating in winter and for cooling in summer. The air-to-air heat pump, more than 66 % of which is supplied by means of free-of-charge environmental heat impresses with energy efficiency category A and a COP value of 3.1 thanks to energy-saving inverter technology.

What does the COP value tell you about the efficiency of an air-to-air heat pump?

The COP value is an important decisive criterion when you wish to purchase an air conditioning system with heat pump technology. COP stands for “Coefficient of Performance”. The COP value describes the performance ratio between the thermal energy generated and the electrical energy input (electricity) required for it.

Since a PAC air conditioner/heater generates 2.3 kW of thermal heat with a current consumption of 0.7 kW, the calculated COP value is almost 3.3. However, as both the values for the current consumption and those for the heating output are rounded, a COP value of 3.1 that is also rounded results for the specification on the EU energy label.

The heating output of the air-to-air heat pump is therefore larger than the current consumption by the factor 3.1 – and thus considerably more efficient than with conventional electric heating devices with a COP value of only 1.0 (due to identical current consumption and heating output).

Full equipment for enhanced living space comfort

Full equipment for enhanced living space comfort

At first sight, the compact air conditioner PAC-W 2650 SH impresses with its stylish design which blends in harmoniously with any living and working environment. What’s inside, though, is just as impressive.

Four operating modes ensure a pleasant climate with feel-good temperatures throughout the year:

  • Heating mode with energy-saving heat pump technology (energy efficiency category A)
  • Cooling with state-of-the-art inverter technology (energy efficiency category A) 
  • Ventilation with 3 fan stages 
  • Dehumidification to ensure a healthy indoor climate

Unmistakably silent

The air-to-air heat pump from Trotec heats and cools without disturbing. With a sound level of 46 decibels, the air conditioner controls the room temperature in a pleasantly silent fashion.

Mobile app control

All device settings can be optionally changed from anywhere using the convenient IR remote control or by means of an app.

Functional principle of an air-to-air heat pump
Functional principle of an air-to-air heat pump

Functional principle of an air-to-air heat pump

The centrepiece of the compact wall-mounted air conditioner PAC-W 2650 SH is formed by a trendsetting air-to-air heat pump with inverter technology and heat exchanger.

Heating mode in winter

Even at low outdoor temperatures, the device withdraws thermal energy from the outdoor air and utilises this energy to heat the indoor air in the heat exchanger. The cool room air is sucked in, heated in the device interior and is blown back out into the interior as warm air via the multi-stage adjustable fan.

Cooling mode in summer

In cooling mode, the heat exchanger principle works the other way round. Now the device transports the heat from the indoor air outside. The cooled air is conveyed back into the interior space.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290

Propane (R290) as environmentally friendly refrigerant in air conditioning systems

Every year, several million tons of harmful CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas) are emitted to the atmosphere due to synthetic refrigerants. For this reason, the utilization of alternative refrigerants has become one of our key objectives. By using propane (R290) as refrigerant this air conditioner makes a valuable contribution to protecting our climate.

The natural refrigerant propane (R290) is an organic compound belonging to the group of hydrocarbons. Unlike synthetic refrigerants the environmentally friendly propane (R290) comes with neither ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) nor a noteworthy greenhouse effect (GWP = 3).

Additional bonus for the environment: Owing to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant thereby additionally reducing your energy costs. 

Technical data by comparison

All air-to-air heat pumps by direct comparison:

To find the air-to-air heat pump which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air-to-air heat pumps of the PAC series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

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