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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450

Service for Industrial Clients

Each individual situation is different and requires an individual machine even more so in the fields of climate conditioning and air treatment.

If the required capacity is only calculated theoretically, this can lead to miscalculations, because there are simply too many unforeseeable parameters which could otherwise influence the capacity calculation.

Example: Industrial Dehumidification

Irregular loading cycles in the loading zones of cold storage houses in combination with prevalent weather conditions can, for example, lead to unpredictable air streams and turbulences on ramps or at gates.

The consequence: unnecessary additional costs due to an excessively high calculated demand or – even worse – solutions which are insufficient in practice.

Trotec Industry Service does not simply offer you dehumidification technology – we offer you tried and trusted dehumidification solutions!

Together with you, the customer, we analyse the individual requirements on-site and determine the specific type of equipment required and then work out a custom-made project solution, including the exact location of all the machines and equipment.

Relevant climatic parameters, like air temperature, air humidity, dew point, or air flow rate in predefined limits can be determined and transmitted to the TKL server via the Trotec mobile TTSL telemonitoring system either before or when the machines have been taken into operation.

This means that telemetric climate data can be generated on request and used to analyse the situation as means of comparison before the dehumidifiers are even taken into operation. The results are then recorded without any gaps and the number or type of machines and appliances can be adjusted without delay in order to maximize the economic effect.

Your benefit: there is no risk involved and you play it safe by only hiring tried and tested solutions!

This example, taken from practice, is only one of numerous application possibilities open to you in the industrial dehumidification and climate control sectors. But the scope of our services goes further: we are also able to monitor and check climatic conditions in production areas, server rooms, mobile manoeuvre units, and the correct ventilation of tunnel systems and tank or container facilities, allowing you to play it safe and minimize your risks.

Take advantage of the service we offer to our customers - across the face of Europe:

As a strong company network in the Benelux countries, England, France Switzerland and Austria and a Europe-wide network of qualified distributors, we are able to offer you high-quality service home and abroad at any time of the day – anywhere in Europe within 24 to 36 hours if required – with all-round know-how regarding machines, measuring equipment and applications, which guarantee practice-oriented solutions for every task.