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Submerged waste water pump TWP 7025 E

Handles even high feed rates with power and reliability

Impressive 750 watts of power for pumping up to 13,000 litres per hour

The submerged waste water pump TWP 7025 E is a compact power pack mastering virtually every task brilliantly. With a power consumption of 750 W the high-suction pump transports up to 13,000 litres of contaminated water per hour.

Due to this enormous conveying capacity of the TWP 7025 E, flooded basements and living spaces are quickly rendered accessible again, and pumping water out of building and waste water pits as well as withdrawing water from lakes, rivers and ponds can be done easily and without any problems. Even the water volumes of larger ponds or swimming pools can be circulated or disposed of quickly and easily. This power pack pumps water containing dirt particles sized up to 25 millimetres up to a pump height of 9 metres reliably and smoothly. This way it is able to transport water from a flooded basement to the next higher floor and thus out of the house.

A remarkable pump capacity – from 7 metres down to 35 mm

The thoroughly robust submerged pump is accommodated in a watertight encapsulated and impact-resistant plastic housing and is suitable for underwater application to an immersion depth of 7 metres. The pump can start operation as of a minimum operating depth of 115 mm. Once switched on, the device pumps off the waste water until reaching a residual water level of 35 mm. Besides water withdrawal for operating a garden irrigation system, water removal after flooding and other fields of application involving contaminated water, the TWP 7025 E is also suited for transporting clear water.

Above that, the compactly designed TWP 7025 E is perfectly equipped for long-term applications, for the pump comes with both a maintenance-free motor and an integrated thermal protection circuit. Furthermore, the high-quality ceramic face seal and a low-wear shaft ensure extreme durability.

Whether in automatic or manual mode – the TWP 7025 E always guarantees optimal handling

Due to its steplessly lockable float switch, the TWP 7025 E allows you to choose between automatic mode and manual continuous operation. If, however, the float switch is locked horizontally in the position for permanent operation, the device will operate in continuous mode.

The flexible elbow, which can be set to various positions as required to allow for hoses and pipes to run parallel to the ground, is fitted with universal connections for 25 mm and 32 mm inner diameters as well as with 1" and 1½" threaded connections. A stable, ergonomic carrying handle additionally facilitates the handling of the powerful submerged waste water pump and can also be used for suspending the device at the supplied nylon cord. Thanks to the 10 metre connecting cable the pump can be quickly installed, and using the suspension cord it can be easily lowered into even great depths and raised again when required.

Special equipment features of the TWP 7025 E

Particle size: 25 mm
The submerged waste water pump TWP 7025 E conveys heavily contaminated water with particle sizes of up to 25 millimetres.
Ceramic face seal
The high-quality ceramic face seal and a low-wear shaft extend the pump’s lifetime.
Adjustable elbow
The elbow’s position can be freely adjusted, as a result it is possible for hoses and pipes to run parallel to the ground.
Universal connections
Hoses and pipes with an inner diameter of 25 / 32 mm as well as 1‘‘ / 1½‘‘ threaded connectors can be flexibly coupled with the pump.
Steplessly adjustable float switch
The float can be fastened in any position, this increases the flexibility when setting the switch-on/switch-off point.
Continuous suction operation to a level of 35 mm
When locking the float switch in horizontal position, the pump operates continually and sucks off the water to a level of 35 mm.
Ergonomic carrying handle
For lowering the pump into the water, the supplied 12 m nylon cord is affixed to the sturdy, ergonomic carrying handle.
Schematic overview
TWP 7025 E at one glance: Combined display of relevant performance values such as the switch-on/switch-off point, pump height and submersion depth.

TWP 7025 E - the power pack among the submerged pumps

Suitable to an immersion depth of 7 metres
Up to an immersion depth of 7 metres, the submerged pump TWP 7025 E is ideally suited for all applications in contaminated water.
For the application in deep manholes and drainage shafts
With a pump height of up to 9 m the submerged waste water pump TWP 7025 E is ideally suited for emptying deep manholes or drainage shafts.
Perfect for draining ponds
Water volumes even of large garden ponds can be pumped off quickly and easily at a rate of up to 13,000 litres per hour.
For clear and contaminated water in rain barrels
Pumping off or recirculating the clear or contaminated water from cisterns or rain barrels can be accomplished in a trice.
Technical data in comparison

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Impressive 750 watts of power for pumping up to 13,000 litres per hour
  • Maximum pump height: 9 m
  • Ideally suited for water withdrawal as well as for recirculation and suction of water e.g. for swimming pools, basements, rain barrels, garden ponds, small building pits, flooding
  • For effortless pumping of clear and waste water containing dirt and suspended particles sized up to 25 mm
  • Extremely durable due to ceramic face seal
  • Maintenance-free motor with integrated thermal protection circuit activated by overheating of the device
  • Automatic switch-on/-off due to steplessly adjustable float switch
  • Fixing option for the float switch during automatic operation
  • IPX8 type of protection – protected against the ingress of water upon immersion
  • Universal connection for flexible coupling
  • Large ergonomic carrying handle – suitable for fastening the lowering cable
  • Submerged pump of TÜV-tested quality

All important features at a glance

Clean water
Contaminated water
Powerful 750 W motor
Feed rate of 13,000 litres per hour
Pump height of 9 metres
Immersion depth: 7 metres
A water level of no more than 115 mm is sufficient for starting the device
The device continues to operate to a residual water level of 35 mm
Heavily contaminated water with particle sizes of up to 25 millimetres
Universal connections for inner diameters of 25 mm and 32 mm
Threaded connectors of 1’’, 1¼’’ and 1½’’
Automatic device switch-on/-off
Manual continuous operation
Steplessly lockable float switch
Sturdy, ergonomic carrying handle
Nylon lowering cable of 12 m length
Cable length: 10 metres
For the application in swimming pools
For the application after flooding
For the application in drainage shafts
For the application in garden ponds
Scope of delivery for the submerged clear water pump TWP 7025 E

The submerged pump TWP 7025 E is supplied as complete set including reducer, elbow, a nylon cord of 12 m length and a 10 m power cable.

Delivery head and flow rate

Pump height and feed rate of the TWP 7025 E

With the TWP 7025 E you are always on the safe side, for this submerged waste water pump is supplied in TÜV-tested quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

Reliable, powerful and suited for the most challenging fields of application: those are some of the quality features of Trotec's submerged waste water pumps. Thanks to their high capacity they are able to withstand the most extreme conditions. HighPerformance for demanding applications – after all, Trotec stands for brand quality and professional solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

Tested for safety, TÜV GS ID 1419062842


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.610.000.055
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Power input [kW] 0.75
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/4
  Cable length [m] 10
Performance data
  Max. conveying capacity [l/h] 13,000
  Grit of pump [mm] 25
  Max. delivery height [m] 9
  Max. submersion depth [m] 7
  Minimum operating depth [mm] 115
  Max. water level after suction [mm] 35
  Max. water temperature [°C] 35
Safety feature
  Type of protection IPX8
  Protection class I
Functions and features
  On/off switch (float switch) Automatic
  Switch-on point float switch [mm] 500
  Switch-off point float switch [mm] 250
  Thermal overload protection
  Backflow preventer
  Stainless steel screws
  Suitable for both permanent operation (>10h) or salt-water operation
Housing design
Accessories scope of delivery
  Hose connection (inner diameter) 25 / 32 mm
  Threaded connection 1" , 1 ½"
  Backflow preventer
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 220
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 160
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 355
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 5.2

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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