Advanced thermal imaging cameras of the IC series

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Thermal imaging cameras IC085LV and IC125LV

Advanced infrared cameras of the IC series for temperature measuring ranges up to +1,500 °C.

During measuring, you can now benefit from the latest model generation of a device series which leaves nothing to be desired. It is no coincidence that the construction base of the IC series ranks among the top-selling thermal imaging camera platforms in the world.

This series was specifically designed to satisfy the increasing demand for thermographic real-time measurement methods with a model range that allows the application of high-quality cameras even for smaller budgets.

With the models IC085LV and IC125LV you can now benefit from the numerous advantages of the next IC generation! State-of-the-art microbolometer technology ensures yet more precise 50-Hz real-time thermal images made up of 110,592 individual temperature measuring spots with maximum interference and noise reduction.

DuoVision Plus

A 5 megapixel digital camera enables razor-sharp real images, which using the innovative DuoVision Plus function can be superimposed on infrared images in real time as picture-in-picture display.

DuoVision Plus combines the infrared image information with high-contrast details of the visible light spectrum from the real image camera so as to create an extremely detailed thermal image fusion on the camera display. Advantage: Easier orientation, localization and assessment during the measurement.

In addition, your IC thermal imaging camera can be used to record complete infrared videos right away: Optionally non-radiometric on SD card or as fully radiometric IR video on a connected PC with the optional real-time upgrade via USB connection.

The handling, too, is now more flexible: Thanks to the capacitive touchscreen you can control the thermal imaging camera as the situation requires optionally using the keypad or the 3.5-inch touchscreen.

A few practical benefits:

  • Fully radiometric IR camera manufactured in the EU
  • 50-Hz real-time measurement and real-time image display ensure clear thermal images of high quality
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • High geometric resolution
  • Precise temperature measurement in the entire picture
  • Dual key touchscreen control
  • 5 megapixel digital camera for brilliant real images
  • Robust, shock-protected design in two-component construction with IP54 type of protection
  • Hinged 3.5-inch colour touchscreen
  • DuoVision Plus function for combined display of infrared and real image as contour emphasizing detail-enhanced thermogram
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Diverse measuring functions
  • Optional Bluetooth voice recording
  • Data transmission via USB
  • High-quality analysis software included in the scope of delivery
Dual keypad-touchscreen control for maximum user comfort: Thanks to the capacitive touchscreen you can control your IC thermal imaging camera as the situation requires optionally using the keypad or the 3.5-inch touchscreen.
Dual keypad-touchscreen control
Convenient folding function: The foldable display of the IC thermal imaging camera can be variably tilted for an optimum viewing angle adjustment and serves to protect the monitor and operator keypad when closed.
Convenient foldable display
Telephoto and wide-angle lenses are optionally also available for the thermal imaging cameras of the IC series.
Optional interchangeable lenses

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