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IR cameras of the EC series

Economy-priced first-class thermography!

Great technology at a small price

The innovative EC cameras of the MultiMeasure Professional series set completely new standards in terms of price-performance.

The maintenance-free, uncooled image sensor with a detector resolution of up to 160 x 120 measuring points and a thermal sensitivity of 0.08 °C enables fully radiometric thermal recordings in a temperature measuring range from -20 °C to +250 °C.

The high refresh rate ensures a permanent real-time thermal image reproduction.

The miniSD memory card included in the scope of delivery can without difficulty comprise several thousand thermal images.

Integrated measuring functions and the automatic measured value correction at all times ensure ideal results and make the EC thermal imaging cameras reliable infrared measuring instruments.

The combination of EC camera and supplied software package enables the quick and easy creation of comprehensive and significant analyses and reports.

A few practical benefits:

  • Fully radiometric IR camera, manufactured in the EU
  • Real-time measurement and real-time image display ensure clear thermal images of high quality
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • Maintenance-free work due to uncooled microbolometer technology
  • Large, pivotable colour LCD display
  • Image recording with a repetition frequency of up to 50/60 Hz
  • DuoVision function for picture-in-picture display
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Integrated digital camera for real images
  • Integrated photo lamp
  • Saving of infrared and real images
  • Automatic temperature tracking (hot/cold spot)
  • Diverse measuring functions
  • Ergonomic and very light
  • Robust construction (IP 54)
  • Docking charging station with USB 2.0 connection