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Electrodes for wood and building moisture measurement

Passive electrodes for the multifunctional tester T3000 for the determination of material moisture

Different types of passive electrodes are used for determining material and wood moisture as well as the humidity of mineral or porous building materials such as plaster and screed material according to the resistance measuring method. When measuring with the T3000, in addition to real time values, minimum, maximum, average and “hold” values can be displayed using these electrodes.

TS 4/200 and TS 4/300 round electrodes

Very thin insertion electrodes (uninsulated, ø 2 mm) for moisture measurement in building and insulating materials through joints or cross joints.

TS 4/200 (length 200 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.110

TS 4/300 (length 300 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.115

TS 8/200 and TS 8/300 round electrodes

Uninsulated insertion electrodes (ø 4 mm) for moisture measurement on loose mounds such as wood wool or shavings.

TS 8/200 (length 200 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.120

TS 8/300 (length 300 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.125

TS 12/200 and TS 12/300 round electrodes

Insulated electrodes (ø 4 mm) for targeted moisture measurement in concealed component layers where the electrode shaft needs to be insulated. An absence of insulation would falsify the measuring result.

The most frequent use is the determination of moisture distribution of multilayered wall or ceiling structures such as floating screeds, multilayered walls, wooden beam ceilings, warm roofs etc.

TS 12/200 (length 200 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.130

TS 12/300 (length 300 mm), Article number: 3.510.226.135

TS 12/600 round electrodes

Insulated electrodes with a length of 600 mm (ø 8 mm / ø 4 mm), ideally suited for use on flat roofs or for moisture measurements in very thick walls.

TS 12/600 (length 600 mm)

TS 16/200 and TS 16/300 flat electrodes

The area of application corresponds to the area of use of the insulated round electrodes TS 12/200 and TS 12/300.

The advantage of flat electrodes (1 mm flat) is that there are no holes in the surface and the electrodes can be inserted through the edging strip after removing the base.

TS 16/200 (length 200 mm),
Article number: 3.510.226.140

TS 16/300 (length 300 mm),
Article number: 3.510.226.145

TS 20/110 brush electrodes

With 110 mm long brush head (ø 7 mm) and insulated shaft.

These electrodes are used for targeted moisture measurement in homogeneous building materials without using a contact mass. The brush head establishes the connection to the goods to measure.

Article number: 3.510.226.150

TS 60 hand electrode

Unbreakable plastic handle with two hexagon union nuts in which electrode tips of the following lengths can be inserted:

  • 20 mm (max. penetration depth 14 mm)
  • 30 mm (max. penetration depth 24 mm)
  • 40 mm (max. penetration depth 34 mm)
  • 60 mm (max. penetration depth 54 mm)

Article number: 3.510.226.101

Fields of application are the measurement of moisture in cut timber or wooden board materials (e.g. chipboard or fibre boards) and the measurement of moisture in soft building materials such as roughcast or plaster mortar.

TS 60 adapter set

With the TS 60 adapter set all MultiMeasure electrodes can be directly attached to the hand electrode TS 60. For this purpose, the adapters are threaded on both sides and are simply screwed in between the electrode head and the retainer tip of the hand electrode by means of a clamping ring.

Using this combination ensures that the electrodes are inserted into the measured material in parallel and at an optimal distance.

Article number:

TS 70 ram electrode

With moving hammer handle for precision zone and depth measurement especially in wood with different moisture distribution, e.g. liquid nests using Teflon-insulated electrode tips. These are available in lengths of 45 and 60 mm.

Article number: 3.510.226.105




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