Multiple socket outlets PVH series from Trotec
Multiple socket outlets PVP series from Trotec
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Multiple socket outlets from Trotec

You're looking for a practical and reliable multiple socket outlet? Then you've come to the right place!

Multiple socket outlets of the PVH series
Multiple socket outlets of the PVP series
Multiple socket outlets of the PVH series
Multiple socket outlets of the PVP series
Multiple socket outlets of the PVH series
Multiple socket outlets of the PVP series

Indispensable multiple socket outlets for indoor and outdoor use

If you have many electrical appliances at home or need several power tools when working in the garden or workshop, you probably know how annoying it can be to constantly change plugs or use extension cables. A multiple socket outlet is a simple and convenient solution to overcome this problem.

Multiple socket outlets are available in many different designs and sizes to meet every need. There are models for indoor use, such as our white multiple socket outlets PVH3 / PVH5, which provide increased protection against accidental contact and even have 2 USB ports to charge your mobile devices without an additional power adapter.

Furthermore, there are models that are also suited for temporary outdoor use thanks to IP44 protection and self-closing hinged covers, such as our black multiple socket outlets PVP3 / PVP6. The latter also leave a good impression in rough environments such as workshops and gardens.

When choosing a multiple socket outlet, it is important to pay attention to the number of sockets you need and the length of the cable. It is also essential to check whether the multiple socket outlet has sufficient current carrying capacity to operate all connected devices simultaneously.

A high-quality multiple socket outlet is a worthwhile investment that saves you time, stress and trouble. Avoid inferior models as they often lack adequate safety features and can put your devices at risk. Instead, better choose one of our multiple socket outlets in proven Trotec quality to ensure that you obtain a safe and reliable product.

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