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Air cleaners for an excellent air quality

Efficient systems for a healthy room climate

Air cleaners utilize the latest technologies and improve the room air with modern filter technology. At the workplace and at home the air cleaners minimize the air pollution in form of house dust and fine particulates. Pollutants, allergens and pollen are reduced, unpleasant odours eliminated. Devices for air purification are available in various versions.

At the workplace and at home: Fresh, pure air is important for your health and wellbeing. The room air contains dust and pollutants that can affect human health. Allergens and pollen lead to health problems and illnesses that can be avoided by using an efficient air purification unit. Cigarette smoke and other smells can be a bit of a nuisance. The air cleaner is a helpful tool that can be used all year round to improve the room air. Do not stop at using it in the spring alone when plenty of pollen is on the move. Our how-to guide provides information on the different application options for modern, efficient air cleaners. You will learn of the operating principle of these devices and find out which model best suits your requirements.

Clean air for your health – Feel free to take a deep breath!

Do you know how much air you are breathing every single day? More than 10,000 litres of air are required on a daily basis! This roughly corresponds to a capacity of more than 71 bath tubs. Each litre contains dust, at home even a great deal more than outside. Dust can both be visible and invisible. A carpet for instance can hold eight times of its own weight in dust. Bacteria are plain invisible to the naked eye. And there are other critical substances whirling through the air as well. Furniture, laminate or panels can be contaminated by formaldehyde which is emitted to the air in your home or office over several decades. In some cases the air in interior spaces can be polluted up to ten times more by dust and other particles than the air outside. Since most people spend approximately 80 per cent of their time in closed rooms, clean and healthy room air is of vital importance. Tidying, vacuuming and ventilating a room often is just not enough. Using an air cleaner you can reduce the amount of dust and substantially improve the air quality. It will certainly benefit your health. 

The proper air cleaner for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

A house-dust allergy is one of the most difficult-to-treat types of allergies there are. This is mainly due to the vast number of dust sources in a home. But there is no harm in dust alone. It is the house dust mites that are considered the pathogenic trigger. One teaspoonful of bedroom dust contains an average of 1,000 house dust mites and 250,000 faeces. In general, roughly six milligrammes of new dust per square metre are formed in living spaces each day. The application of a high-performance air cleaner is more than reasonable if you are aiming for fresher, cleaner air.

Air contaminated with dust and pollutants can be positively dangerous for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. But even if you do not experience any health restrictions at this point, hygiene is a key factor for staying healthy. Bacteria are invisible and can be found everywhere. A desk for instance is populated with a hundred times more bacteria than a kitchen. During flu season one cubic metre of air can contain up to 15,000 flu viruses. In office spaces the breathing air is further polluted by evaporations from adhesives, felt tips and toners.

Why filters and filter systems are important?

HEPA filter efficiency Trotec

Air purification units fitted with a high-quality filter system improve the air quality to help with allergies and other health issues. Our air cleaners come equipped with HEPA filters. Fundamentally a distinction is made between two variants of the two-stage filter systems of the AirgoClean® air cleaners. The first uses a combination of DACRON® filter and HEPA filter. The second version employs activated carbon pre-filter and true HEPA filter. The DACRON® filter system makes use of robust synthetic fibre pre-filters. The DACRON® fibre is a synthetically manufactured continuous polyester filament. This material impresses with excellent allergy-neutral characteristics. DACRON® is optimally suited for the production of pre-filters for air purification. Filters made of this fibre are durable, water-repellent and particularly tear-resistant.

As a first step, the two-stage room air filter system with HEPA filter utilizes a synthetic fibre filter as prefilter. It serves to filter mild to moderate odours as well as coarse house dust from the room air. In the second step, the efficient HEPA filter eliminates pollen, fine particulates, allergens and mould spores. Up to 95 per cent of the polluting substances can be removed by using this HEPA filter. Consequently the air cleaner can remove dust and further pollutants which significantly reduces any health-related restrictions.

What distinguishes a true HEPA filter?

For a filter to be classified as true HEPA filter it needs to pass a specific aerosol load test. This is how the so-called DOP test takes place: A defined testing aerosol of particle size 0.3 µm is applied to the filter, which must demonstrate a filtration efficiency of at least 99.97 %. So if 10,000 particles of the given size encounter the filter, maximally three are allowed to pass through.

The true HEPA filters used for the air cleaners AirgoClean® 105 S and AirgoClean® 205 S are DOP-tested. The operating principle of these filters is highly efficient. A comparison to HEPA-like filters emphasizes the difference. These filters may have a lower purchase price, but their application quickly reveals the disadvantages. Especially when you're dealing with biogenic and anthropogenic fine particulates of less than one micrometre cheaper imitations cannot demonstrate nearly as good a filtration capacity as true HEPA filters. An eligible air purification unit should definitely retain dust and even more so minute particles. This prevents the infinitesimal particles from reaching your lungs and blood stream. Anyone who wants to use an air cleaner to help with allergies will quickly identify the positive properties of a true HEPA filter.

Air purification units see to it that the room air is fresh, healthy and hygienic. This works to everybody’s advantage – be they allergy sufferers, asthmatics, children, grown-ups or elderly people.

High-quality air purification units fitted with efficient filter systems make a substantial contribution to the improvement of the air quality. The anti-allergenic properties of Dacron® and true HEPA filters help these air cleaners achieve excellent results in countering allergies.

Make sure to use original HEPA filters

HEPA filter Trotec air cleaner

When using HEPA filters it is crucial that they are true HEPA filters. The classification as true HEPA filters guarantees an optimum quality. Look out for the correct labelling when purchasing air cleaners and filters.

If the filter efficiency is merely described as “HEPA-like” or as “comparable to HEPA filters”, caution should be exercised. It may yield less than satisfactory results.

The Trotec air cleaners AirgoClean® 105 S and AirgoClean® 205 S on the other hand come equipped with true HEPA filters promising perfect results.

Air cleaner plus ionizer:

Efficient room air purification and air quality improvement

The operation of air purification units with an integrated ionizer is characterized by thoroughness and reliability. The ionizer produces negative ions that have an anti-static effect. Thanks to these ions the particles in the air become negatively charged, which makes them heavier than the surrounding air. As a result they gradually settle on the ground. Afterwards they can simply be vacuumed off. Speaking of vacuum-cleaning: Quite often more dust is raised in the process than sucked in. But using the ionizer technology this can be prevented, the heavier dust can be vacuumed off without difficulty. Applying this technology the room air is purified successfully and effectively. In addition, the air is even enriched with active oxygen.

Using Trotec air cleaners in the bedroom

Using air cleaners in children’s rooms and bedrooms:

Noise-reduced devices for a tranquil sleeping environment

If you position the device in a children's room or bedroom, the noise level generated during air purification is decisive. Factors to be considered for your purchase decision in this case include modules such as a timer function and sleep mode to complement a quiet-running model. Air cleaners have a beneficial effect on allergies – especially in the bedroom house dust can otherwise be very harmful to your health. Use the air cleaner for an efficient elimination of dust and pollen.


Useful additional functions for an air cleaner

Scores of additional functions increase the comfort an air cleaner brings to your home. Enormously convenient is the infrared remote control by means of which you can easily control the device sitting on your sofa or at your desk. Configure the device to meet your individual requirements. If the device comes equipped with a timer function and sleep mode, you can program it to match your daily routine.

Here’s how to find the suitable model

The main criterion is room size. We offer devices for the air purification in rooms of various sizes. You can set them up in your living room or office. At work the air cleaner reduces dust as reliably as it does at home. With convenient additional functions you can achieve a device operation of particular comfort. If the device shall be used in cleanrooms or in the clinical-medical sector, a model of the IQAir series would be suited best.

Our products at a glance

Designer air cleaner AirgoClean® 10 E

The designer air cleaner AirgoClean® 10 E constitutes a two-stage room air filter system with Dacron pre-filter and HEPA filter. The device is suited for fully automatic air purification. The room size may come to 50 m³. The max. purification volume amounts to 135 m³/h. With its three fan stages the device can be controlled individually as needed. An integrated ionizer purifies the air efficiently. The device is both compact and powerful, its operation very simple. A filter change can be achieved quickly and without difficulty. The max. noise generation of 55 dB(A) classifies the device as noise-reduced appliance. It has a low energy consumption. And thanks to the practical feet the designer air cleaner AirgoClean® 10 E can be applied while positioned on the floor.

Comfort air cleaners of the IQAir series

Air cleaners of the IQAir series are characterized by the patented HyperHEPA technology. An exemplary application scenario for this innovative technology would be in hospitals or modern cleanrooms. Compared to conventional HEPA air cleaners the devices HealthPro 150 and HealthPro 250 feature a dust particle and microorganism retention capability that is up to one hundred times higher.

The devices of the IQAir series are individually tested and certified. Each HealthPro air purification unit is supplied with a handwritten certificate containing the actual test results of the system. The values for filtration efficiency and air flow rate are precisely indicated.

Air cleaners AirgoClean® 105 S and AirgoClean® 205 S

The air cleaners AirgoClean® 105 S and AirgoClean® 205 S are two-stage room air filter systems equipped with activated carbon pre-filter and true HEPA filter. The devices are further provided with a sensor for dust and VOC emissions enabling an energy-saving automatic operation. These air cleaners belong to a branded edition of a series of air cleaners tried and tested a million times across the globe and frequently rewarded. The devices are suited for the fully automatic air purification. Indications of the air quality and for filter change render the application especially effective. Timer function and sleep mode further increase the user comfort. By use of the infrared remote control the devices can conveniently be configured while sitting at your desk.