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Accessories for air conditioners

Energy-saving assembly solutions for room air conditioners with exhaust air hose

For temporary application, mobile monobloc air conditioners offer a multitude of advantages compared to firmly mounted room air conditioners with an external unit, which can only be taken into operation indoors or outdoors with a certain installation effort.

Mobile air conditioners, such as the comfort air conditioners of the PAC series, are usually lower priced than wall-mounted air conditioners, can be used more flexibly and, when they are no longer needed during the cold season, they can simply be stored away until the next heat wave.

Were it not for the exhaust air hose: mobile air conditioners require at least one, sometimes even two exhaust air hoses for operation, and these hoses usually have to be attached to the open window in order to discharge the warm air. 

Window sealing AirLock 100/AirLock 200

Puts an end to energy waste through the open window

Using Trotec's practical window sealings AirLock 100 and AirLock 200, attaching an exhaust air hose to a window becomes mere child's play – without the need for drill holes. Moreover, the AirLocks increase the efficiency of your mobile air conditioner since they ensure that only the air inside the room has to be cooled, not the warm air flowing in from outside. This again leads to a significantly reduced energy consumption.

For air conditioners with one exhaust air hose (one-hose technology), Trotec supplies the window sealing AirLock 100 as an optional accessory. The window sealing AirLock 200 offers more flexibility, particularly if you want to use air conditioners with both one-hose and two-hose technology.

Both assembly solutions can be installed without tools and, if required, they can be removed without leaving any residues.

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