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Design air cooler PAE 29

3-in-1-air cooler in tower fan design for cooling, ventilation and humidification which can be utilized throughout the year

PAE 29 air cooler

Air cooling plus tower fan refreshment

With the design air cooler PAE 29 you enjoy the combination of a fresh fan breeze and natural evaporation cooling. The slim and elegant air cooler not only offers you an integrated water tank, but also the stylish look and performance of a tower fan. Whether in the office or at home – the PAE 29 adds a modern touch to every environment and provides for pleasant cooling.

The natural way to cool a room – completely without chemical coolants

Use the white and black PAE 29 to simply blow the summer heat out of the room and additionally enjoy cooling refreshment on your skin by natural evaporation cooling provided by the wet filter principle. With its 4-litre water tank, an air volume of 100 m³ per hour as well as a humidification performance of 0.33 litres per hour, the design air cooler supplies pleasant cooling for more than 12 hours with only one water tank filling.

Tip for refreshment: The cooling effect can be further increased by means of the two ice packs supplied, which you just have to add to the water tank.

Furthermore, the comfort air cooler comes equipped with a 3-stage propeller fan, making it possible to use the device as refreshing tower fan – if required, also with an on-demand air cooling function. The automatic oscillation function which allows the upper housing part to swivel by 90° ensures an even distribution of fresh air in the whole room. You can additionally adjust the horizontal flaps manually to align the height of the air current so as to match your individual needs.

Comfort functions and modern tower design

Apart from air cooling, ventilation and humidification, the PAE 29 offers you an additional refreshing natural wind mode, an especially pleasant night mode, a 9-hour timer and an air filter for animal hair, fluff and dust, which is integrated into the rear side of the device. All settings and functions can be carried out either on the LED control panel with its intuitive design or comfortably and easily via remote control.

Humidifier preventing dry heated air and the multiplication of viruses

As an efficient humidifier, the PAE 29 provides for a feel-good climate in the cold season. The room air, which is often too dry during the heating period is optimally humidified, preventing the mucous membranes of your nose, mouth and throat from being dried out as quickly. Moreover, the distribution of viruses and bacteria in the room air is reduced at a humidity level of 50 %. This helps you to substantially minimize the risk of catching a cold or a viral disease of the respiratory tract!

Increasing the humidity level to 50 % reduces the risk of transmission of viruses

Medical specialists have evaluated research findings relating to the resistance of viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), influenza) to air humidity. These findings have revealed that the humidity level has a crucial impact on the infectivity of germ droplets. Dry room air with a relative humidity content of less than 40 % lets tiny droplets infected with influenza or cold viruses dry up. This preserves pathogens so that they remain infectious for a very long time. In the optimum relative humidity range between 40 and 60 % aerosols only shrink so far that the salt concentration in the aerosol core increases, causing the germs and microorganisms contained to be killed. This minimizes the risk of an infection with influenza and cold viruses.

Medical specialists emphasize that we are able to reduce the risk of infection by increasing the humidity level in buildings. In this way, increasing the humidity level to approx. 50 % by humidification will reduce the risk of transmission. Moreover, the humidified air improves the body's defence situation by more efficient cleaning of the air passages and an improved immune defence. In modern buildings with a watertight building envelope, central heating and ventilation systems, these limit values can often not be complied with in everyday life without active humidification. This is where devices with a humidification function come in to provide assistance.

Increasing the humidity level to 50 % reduces the risk of transmission of viruses

Comfort functions that you will enjoy

Irrespective of whether you want to utilize the 3-in-1 air cooler PAE 29 as a natural air cooler, as a pedestal fan with strong wind power, or as an evaporation humidifier in order to optimally humidify too dry room air: the elegant design air cooler convinces with useful comfort functions in every operating mode, providing for maximum well-being!

Including two ice packs for even more freshness

The colder the water, the greater the cooling capacity. Placing the two ice packs included in the scope of delivery into the water tank will further increase the cooling capacity. This additional boost of freshness can also be achieved with ice cubes. The clearly visible filling level indicator shows you at a glance whether the 4-litre tank still contains enough water. An empty water tank is indicated by an acoustic signal.

Air filter for animal hair, dust and fluff in the room air

The air filter integrated into the rear of the device absorbs animal hair, fluff and dust from the room air, Allowing allergy sufferers and people with a sensitive respiratory tract to breathe easily and freely. The easily removable filter can be cleaned quickly by wiping or rinsing it.

Timer function

The 9-hour timer of the PAE 29 makes it possible for you to switch off the device after a pre-programmed number of hours. In this way you ensure that, for example in the office, the air cooler will switch off automatically when office hours are over.

Night mode

To make sure that you can enjoy a restful sleep in hot summer nights, the air cooler features a night mode with a reduced fan performance. The pleasant cool air makes you drop off to sleep softly and your body will relax from the strains of the day. 

Tip: Additionally utilize the timer function to automatically switch off the device during the night.

Gentle natural wind mode

In the air freshening or natural wind mode the PAE 29 provides you with cool air of a rising and diminishing fan intensity, comparable to a refreshing sea breeze at the beach. The smooth gusts of wind are especially pleasant on the skin and provide a good alternative to the permanent air current.

PAE 29 – functional principle
PAE 29 – pleasant climate
PAE 29 – night mode
PAE 29 – honeycomb filter
PAE 29 – 4-litre water tank
PAE 29 – to be used in summer and wintertime

Natural cooling principle

In contrast to air conditioners, air coolers do not use any chemical refrigerants. The cooling effect is generated in a natural manner. Moreover, neither an exhaust air hose nor any elaborate installations are required.

A mobile air cooler works on the principle of natural evaporation cooling. As you probably know from your own experience, blowing on moist skin creates an instant feeling of refreshment as the evaporation process withdraws warmth. Air coolers work in the same way: in the interior of the air cooler there is a water-soaked filter mat using. The warm air is directed from the rear of the device through the wet filter mat and in passing is cooled down due to the evaporation effect. The now colder air is then blown back into the room by the fan.

Can be operated all year round – air cooler in the summer, humidifier in the winter

With the PAE 29 you can enjoy mobile feel-good climate throughout the year. We recommend using the slim air cooler in space-saving design throughout the year rather than parking it in a storeroom when the summer ends. In the spring and late summer its 3 fan stages can provide a fresh breeze so that you can enjoy the cooling effect of the cold evaporation.

In autumn and winter the device is furthermore well-suited as an effective humidifier, in order to create a more pleasant room climate. Since dry heated air can irritate the respiratory tract, dry out the skin and cause red eyes. Moreover, the multiplication of viruses within the room air is reduced at a humidity level of 50%. By using a humidifier you provide for a sufficient humidity level and in this way can improve your own well-being in sticky, overheated rooms as well as prevent colds and virus infections.

With the 3-in-1 air cooler PAE 29 you benefit from pleasant air cooling, refreshing ventilation and agreeable humidification. For a perfect climate throughout the year!


Continuous fresh water supply to ensure a healthy air quality.

To automatically keep the water storage tank as clean as on the first day, we recommend using a SecoSan-Stick which keeps the water permanently clean, clear and free from germs or unpleasant odours. The unique feature of SecoSan is its antimicrobial surface with mobile silver ions, which inhibit bacteria and germs upon contact and thus prevent their reproduction. The entirely self-dosing SecoSan ion reservoir keeps the water demonstrably free from germs. The stick thus guarantees clean water for up to 6 months even if the water is changed or consumed daily.

Thermohygrometer BZ20M with air cooler PAE 29

Using air coolers as humidifiers during the wintertime

Air coolers are most efficient in rooms filled with dry air. Just like humidifiers these devices operate based on the evaporation principle, i.e. they directly supply the air with cool moisture. This means that for process-related reasons the humidity level in the room is increased perceptibly. During the winter this increase of humidity is beneficial to the mucous membranes. As a result you might be able to avoid catching a cold that is largely caused by the dry heated air. The practical and optically attractive thermohygrometer BZ20M in cross-needle design shows you at a glance when the humidity level is in the optimum range. 

PAE 29 – special equipment features

Optically the PAE 29 looks like an elegant tower fan and offers strong performance data with a minimum footprint: Humidification performance 0.33 litres per hour, 4-litre water tank, air volume 100 m³ per hour, 3 fan stages. The scope of delivery also includes 2 ice packs and a remote control.
PAE 29 – dimensions
Thanks to its open texture, the soaked blue evaporation filter mat cools the air that is passed through in a natural way. The upstream air cleaning filter retains dust, fluff and hair. Both filter elements can easily be removed for cleaning.
PAE 29 – honeycomb filter
3-in-1-technology: air cooling, ventilation and humidification. The sucked-in room air is humidified by the evaporation filter, and the new cold air is blown back into the room. The 3 fan stages can also be utilized without air cooling function. In winter the PAE 29 serves as an effective humidifier against too dry heated air. At a humidity level of 50% the risk of being infected by viruses or bacteria is reduced.
PAE 29 – functions
The air cooler PAE 29 offers convenient equipment features: air cooling, ventilation, humidification, 3 fan stages, natural wind mode, 90° oscillation, night mode, timer function. The settings can be carried out either on the clearly arranged control panel or also comfortably using the remote control.
PAE 29 – control panel
With its 4-litre water tank, the PAE 29 offers more than 12 hours of cooling at an evaporation performance of 0.33 litres per hour. If required, the cooling capacity can be further increased by means of the two freezer packs included in the scope of delivery or using ice cubes.
PAE 29 – filling the water tank
To ensure an even distribution of air within the room, the top of the housing can automatically oscillate from left to right by 90°. The horizontal flaps, on the other hand, are set manually in order to align the air current as desired. The natural wind mode provides for a smooth rise and diminishment of the air current, comparable to a sea breeze.
PAE 29 – oscillation and natural wind mode
Using the practical 9-hour timer you can schedule the switch-off times of the air cooler. The night mode reduces the fan speed – for gentle cooling and a restful sleep.
PAE 29 – display
With the recessed handle at the rear and the smooth-running wheels below the air cooler can easily be moved from one room to another. The recessed handle additionally serves as a storage compartment for the remote control.
PAE 29 – infrared remote control

A cool eye-catcher in every environment

When things are heating up in the office, the evaporation air cooler PAE 29 can create a more agreeable working climate in a natural way. Simply set your refreshment dispenser up where you feel the need for a cooling breeze.
PAE 29 – used at the office
On hot days the air cooler PAE 29 is a very uncomplicated cooling solution. In winter it additionally serves as a pleasant humidifier against dry heated air and in this way prevents irritations of the respiratory tract. Positive protective effect against diseases: at a humidity level of approx. 50% viruses and bacteria can no longer multiply as well within the room air.
PAE 29 – can be utilized throughout the year
Whether you use it in the bedroom, in the living room or in the hobby room – with its classy design in white and black, the slim, space-saving air cooler blends in perfectly with every interior design.
PAE 29 – used in the bedroom

Technical data by comparison

All air coolers in direct comparison:

To find the air cooler which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air coolers of the PAE series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Combination of tower fan and evaporation air cooler
  • 3-in-1 evaporation air cooler: air cooling, ventilation, humidification
  • Air cooling making use of the natural principle of evaporation
  • Possibility to operate with two included freezer packs or ice cubes to increase the cooling capacity
  • High evaporation performance of 0.33 litres per hour
  • Large 4-litre water tank for long-term operations
  • Automatic 90° oscillation for even air distribution within the room
  • Air filter (for animal hair, fluff and dust)
  • Natural wind mode: gently rising and diminishing breeze
  • Night mode with reduced fan speed
  • Convenient control via remote control possible
  • 3 fan stages
  • 9-hour timer function for automatic switch-off
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Easy to transport thanks to the convenient recessed handle and easy-running wheels
  • Suitable for year-round operation! Air cooler in the summer, humidifier in the winter

Cool facts in place of hot air!

Others pass air coolers off as air conditioners, we provide the big picture. Before purchase make sure to get an overview of device differences, functional principles and possible applications.

Trotec, your climate expert, has compiled the most important facts in a reader-friendly overview! Direct link to the “Practical knowledge concerning air conditioning“ …

Tested for safety

Benefit from the Trotec brand quality guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality. Via the registered GS mark the inspection authority Intertek certifies that, if used foreseeably and as intended, the device does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the user.


Design-Aircooler, Luftkühler, Luftbefeuchter PAE 29 im Trotec Webshop zeigen

Design-Aircooler, Luftkühler, Luftbefeuchter PAE 29

Mit dem Design-Aircooler PAE 29 genießen Sie die Kombination aus frischem Ventilator-Wind und natürlicher Verdunstungskühlung. Der schlanke und elegante Luftkühler bietet Ihnen nicht nur einen integrierten Wassertank, sondern auch die Leistungsstärke eines Turmventilators.

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Air flow rate
  Level Max. [m³/h] 100
  Air discharge speed [m/s] 5
  stages 3
Evaporation capacity
  Max. evaporation performance [l/h] 0.33
Cooling medium
  Cooling medium Air
Water tank
  Contents in [l] 4
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
  Power input [W] 45
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.8
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 57
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 230
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 270
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 900
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 4.5
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Air freshening function
  Suitable for operation with freezer packs
  Ventilation function
  Air cooling function
  Adjustable air discharge direction
  Water filling level indicator
  Night mode
  IR remote control
  Swing function
Timer function
  Switch-off time can be preselected
  Switch-on time preselectable
  Plastic wheels
  Recessed handles

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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