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Oil-filled radiator TRH 27 E

Our remedy against cool temperatures: A power of 2,500 watts, three heating levels and an innovative heating fin design for cosy feel-good warmth

Mobile feel-good warmth for cold days – economical and quick

The modern oil-filled radiator TRH 27 E combines a clear-cut design and easy handling with the demands of a modern heating system to heat rooms without a fixed heating system quickly and energy-efficiently to pleasant feel-good temperatures. Whether you wish to heat a hobby room, attic, basement, workshop, garage or a holiday home – the 11-fin radiator powered by electricity from the socket already gives off its maximum thermal capacity after a heat-up period of only 8 minutes and in this way pretty quickly provides for cosily warm temperatures in rooms with a size up to 30 m² or 75 m³.

Feel-good warmth to comfortably lean back

The innovative heating fin design of the TRH 27 E with its differently warm and precisely arranged heating circuits allows for a more even and more effective heat distribution compared to conventional radiators, without making any compromise where the heating capacity is concerned. The maximum thermal heat is mainly emitted via die inside heating surfaces, while the outer edges at the sides show a lower surface temperature and can be touched – for example to shift the heating device whilst it is heating, carrying it by its practical recessed handle, or simply to touch the device to enjoy its pleasant warmth.

Energy-saving reheating effect

Good to know: Modern radiators such as the TRH 27 E are still provided with tried and tested heating fins, since this design ensures a maximum heating surface with an optimum heating capacity and effectiveness. The thermal oil used is an excellent thermal energy reservoir, so that you can still enjoy a long lasting heat output even up to 30 minutes after the heating device has been switched off. This saves expensive energy costs and makes the use of the mobile heater even more economical.

The electricity-saving automatic heating function keeps heating costs under control

The smart way to enjoy cosy and warm temperatures: The TRH 27 E regulates the preset heating capacity and the energy consumption fully automatically with its intelligent automatic heating function. Just set your desired room temperature in a temperature range of 10 to 30°C via the stepless rotary control thermostat – and the TRH 27 E will deal with the temperature control. Once the target temperature is reached, the oil-filled radiator switches off automatically. If the room temperature falls below the value preselected, the radiator is switched on again automatically and heats on the heating level previously set. In this way, the room temperature always remains at a constantly pleasant level, the room will never be overheated, and unnecessary energy costs won’t burn through your cash.

This is how oil-filled radiators can supply warmth effectively

Oil-filled radiators are designed for continuous use since they can fully substitute a wall radiator. With their heating fins oil-filled radiators may look a lot like "normal" heaters – but quite contrary to them use electricity to heat the oil within. The so-called thermal oil is heated by electric current and gives off the heat to the room air via the heating fins. By the way, oil-filled radiators are usually equipped with heating fins because they form a larger surface, thus making the heating process very effective. Since the devices are mobile, they can be positioned in any room wherever heat is required.

The functional principle of an oil-filled radiator

Why is a radiator filled with oil and not with water? The reason for this is the fact that water expands when it is heated, and that it does not store heat quite as well. The thermal oil used in radiators, in contrast, has a much higher storage capacity. Even after the oil-filled radiator is switched off, it gives off heat for another good half an hour.

Since the thermal oil is also a good insulator, heating resistors can be directly immersed in the oil, which makes the heat exchange again more effective. Then there is also the weight, because oil is lighter than water. This makes oil-filled radiators considerably more light-weight and easy to transport.

Functional principle of oil-filled radiators

Increased safety – enhanced comfort for the whole family

In households with children or pets, the safety of mobile heaters plays a crucial role. Maximum operational safety is part of the basic functional principle of the TRH E serie's oil-filled radiators!

Integrated tilt protection switch and overheating protection

Whether there are children playing, pets romping around, or careless guests – the TRH 27 E is not easily thrown off its track. Stable feet with low-friction rollers ensure a secure stand combined with a maximum freedom of movement.

If the radiator starts to sway by external influences nevertheless, an integrated safety tilt protection switch switches off the heating device automatically. In addition, a safety thermostat prevents the device from exceeding the operating temperature and thus makes sure that the device does not overheat – for example, due to clothing placed on the radiator. In these situations, too, the overheating protection immediately switches off the device.

Mobile heat source for every room

Smooth-running rollers allow for a quick and flexible change of location. Thanks to its innovative heating fin design and the recessed handles, the TRH 27 E can be taken from one room to another conveniently and safely even while it’ still doing its job heating.

Uncomplicated warmth with reheating and saving effect. The easy-to-handle oil-filled radiator TRH 27 E is to be recommended as an economical heat source for unheated rooms, as a quick-response heater outside the heating season and as an additional heater during the cold seasons of autumn and winter.

TRH 27 E – special equipment features

TRH 27 E – dimensions & performance
Compact dimensions: Despite its 2,500 watts of power that can be adjusted with three heating levels the modern TRH 27 E oil-filled radiator requires only a small footprint to radiate its soothing warmth in the room.
TRH 27 E -room size
Ready for use day and night: When the working day just won't end but the heating system in the office rooms already switches to night mode, the TRH 27 E reliably continues to provide for productive working temperatures.
TRH 27 E – properties
Flexible warmth: With three power levels (1,200 W / 1,300 W / 2,500 W), an automatic thermostat control and the option of being used as a frost monitor, the powerful oil-filled radiator offers low-noise comfort heat and high flexibility.
TRH 27 E - control panel
Simple operation: The oil-filled radiator TRH 27 E is equipped with a steplessly adjustable thermostat and three selectable heating levels. An operating control lamp indicates whether the device is already heating.
TRH 27 E – full heating power in 8 minutes
Quick warmth: In just 8 minutes, the TRH 27 E with 11 heating fins unfolds its full heating power in living or commercial spaces up to 30 m². Even after switching off, you benefit from long lasting feel-good warmth with a reheating time of approx. 30 minutes.
TRH 27 E - tilt protection
Twice the safety: For twice the safety during operation, the TRH 27 E is equipped with an overheating and tilt protection. If the oil-filled radiator is accidentally knocked over or becomes too hot due to clothes carelessly placed on the device, the heater will switch off automatically.
TRH 27 E – recessed handle
The practical recessed handle is integrated into the front of the device and allows the radiator to be transported easily – even when it is still hot.
TRH 27 E – easy-running wheels
Thanks to the easy-running wheels attached to the feet, the mobile oil-filled radiator can be moved quickly and easily to any site of operation.

Comfortable, quick and odourless heat

TRH 27 E – cosily at home
Wherever in the house you stay – with its compact dimensions and low weight, the TRH 27 E accompanies you into all rooms to flush them with soothing warmth in no time at all and to make them usable for cosy hours.
TRH 27 E – holiday home
Elegant and visually appealing, the fashionable and stylish TRH 27 E blends into modern living environments to provide for cosy and warm temperatures when needed. Indispensable luxury – 365 days a year.
TRH 27 E – piano room
Unheated hobby rooms (e.g. piano rooms or studios), workshops and workspaces become usable within minutes with the TRH 27 E. Optimum conditions for musical activities, creative work or design outside the usual working and heating hours.
TRH 27 E – meeting room
Modern work requires new room concepts and flexible heating solutions. In order not to always have to heat the entire area of loft locations, the TRH 27 E is recommended as an economical heat source for workplaces and meeting rooms with loft character.
Technical data by comparison

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • 2,500 W power for fast and cosy heat
  • 3 power levels (1,200 W / 1,300 W / 2,500 W)
  • Effective 11 fin radiator
  • Short heating time: full heat output in max. 8 minutes
  • Heat accumulator with liquid heating medium: prolonged heat radiation even after switch-off
  • Infinitely adjustable thermostat
  • Frost monitor function
  • Noiseless heating
  • Maximum security thanks to overheating and tilt protection
  • Operating indicator light
  • Integrated rollers and recessed grip to ensure safe transport even while the device is hot

Frost monitor function

Frost monitor function

Ideal for short-term property vacancies or temporarily used rooms

Using the stepless thermal control of our mobile oil-filled radiators you can also operate the devices in frost monitor operating mode. The heating device is then automatically activated by a thermostat to protect the rooms from frost and prevent excessive cooling. Functioning as frost guards, the oil-filled radiators are not only ideally suited for landlords and real estate companies – they also offer benefits for private and business people, who can thus keep vacant rooms and garages free from frost. Particularly rooms, conservatories or cellars which are not connected to a central heating system can be kept warm reliably in this way.


Optimum room temperature control with the socket thermostat BN30

Just install it in the socket and connect it to the heating or cooling device on the socket thermostat BN30, and you can have your heating or cooling unit automatically switched on and off by the BN30 depending on the temperature. The socket thermostat available as an accessory is individually adjustable within a temperature range from 5 °C to 30 °C.

Radio thermostat BN35 with timer switch for the socket

Radio thermostat BN35

With the radio thermostat BN35 you can easily determine at which room temperature your heating or cooling unit will switch on or off using the remote control. The BN35 set consists of a radio-controlled socket and a radio thermostat. Simply plug the radio-controlled socket in between a wall outlet and your heating or cooling unit. Place the radio thermostat within approx. 20 metres in the place where the room temperature is to be measured. As an alternative, time-controlled regulation can also be carried out.


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.000.722
  Level 1 [kW] 1.2
  Level 2 [kW] 1.3
  Level 3 [kW] 2.5
  Level Max. [kW] 2.5
Effective range
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m²] 30
  Suitable for rooms sized up to [m³] 75
  Min. room temperature setting [° C] 10
  Max. room temperature setting [° C] 30
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
  Max. power input [W] 2,500
  Nominal current consumption [A] 10.9
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 1.8
Safety feature
  IP type of protection IP20
  Protection class I
  Overheating protection
  Length (wheeled) [mm] 465
  Width (wheeled) [mm] 245
  Height (wheeled) [mm] 645
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 10
Equipment, features and functions
  Recessed handles
Functions and features
  Anzahl Heizrippen 11
  Automatic switch-off upon reaching the set value
  Automatic temperature control
  Operating control lamp
  Frost monitor function
  Tilt protection
  Thermostat-controlled automatic operation
  Steplessly adjustable thermostat

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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This product is only designed for use inside well insulated rooms or for occasional use.