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Taupunktsteuerung HG 140
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Dew Point Control HG 140

The dew point monitor for combination with our dehumidifiers – Made in Germany

Connected to a TROTEC dehumidifier, the HG 140 offers optimum protection against condensate and corrosion by means of dew point-controlled drying.

Dew-point controlled dry keeping offers the optimum protection against condensate and corrosion, e.g. in waterworks engineering facilities or production environments of the food industry.

The internal hygro module of the Dew Point Control HG 140 is arranged on an aluminium base plate in a way that the measuring element is located immediately next to the base plate.

Protected by the housing, a relative humidity close to dew point can form inside. The aluminium base plate touches the cooling tube and transfers the cold to the measuring element.

This is how the measuring device monitors the forming of condensate and automatically controls a dehumidifier connected via terminal clamps when exceeding the threshold value individually eligible via an internal microswitch. The dew point monitor requires no supply voltage and is flexibly usable for pipes with a diameter of up to 50 mm.

Dew point control in continuous operation - wherever it is needed:

HG 140 - Waterworks application
The HG 140 can be used in waterworks, among other applications.
HG 140 - Application food industry
Dew point control of dehumidifiers is also useful in the food industry.
All room hygrostats in direct comparison:

All room hygrostats in direct comparison:

In order to find exactly the right room hygrostat for you, you have the possibility to clearly compare all room hygrostats of the HG series from Trotec.

Models that you do not want to include in the comparison can simply be clicked away.

Technical data in comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Measuring range: 50 - 90 % r.h.
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 3.0 % r. h.
  • Recommended working range humidity: 50 - 90 % r. h.
  • Recommended working range temperature: 0 °C to + 60°C

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  Min. regulation range [% r.F.] 50
  Max. regulation range [% r.F.] 90
Measurement accuracy
  +/- RH [%] 3
Ambient temperature
  min. [°C] 0
  max. [°C] 60
Electrical values
  Voltage [V] 48
  Max. switching load [A] 5
Electric connection
  Cable length [m]
Safety feature
  Type of protection IP 20
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 33
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 85
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 55
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.8

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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