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State-of-the-art room air cleaner: High-performance air purifier TAC V+ from Trotec

Therefore, low noise emission was a top priority when the TAC high-performance air purifiers were designed

For noise sensitive areas such as schools, offices or medical practices we recommend using the optional sound protection caps by means of which the sound level experienced subjectively can be lowered even further. In workshops, packing stations or discotheques, etc. the use of the sound protection caps usually is not required.

With the optional sound protection caps, the TAC V+, for instance, produces only approx. 30 dB, depending on the power level. For comparison: A customary laser printer already generates a sound level of approx. 50 dB during operation.

Due to the integral silencer integrated as standard, TAC high-performance air purifiers are by far the most silent devices on the market in relation to the air flow rate/device size. In addition, optional sound protection caps even enable ultra-silent operation.

While the TAC BASIC is available in a universal design for both mobile and stationary use, the models TAC V+, TAC M and TAC ECO can optionally be supplied in a stationary housing version in addition to the carriage version. The design blends in elegantly and discretely with your living environment. An elaborate soundproofing function and the integrated FlowExtender Silence+ make this variant hardly noticeable in everyday operation.

All models – whether mobile or stationary – are also equipped with an integral silencer on the suction side as standard.

Except for the filter change indicator, the TAC BASIC has all the basic features of the TAC ECO. However – being a universal version in a floor-standing housing without push handle, but with a discharge grille directed to the ceiling and installed furniture castors – it can be used for both mobile and stationary applications.

Sound protection caps

The sound protection caps help to further reduce the sound level, especially the frequencies perceived as annoying. This causes a significant reduction in the perceived overall volume level. Recommended for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, offices or medical practices. The sound protection caps available in a set of 2 can be mounted either on one or on both sides of any TAC high-performance air purifier.

By mounting the optional sound protection caps on one or both sides, the subjectively perceived volume of all TAC high-performance air purifiers can again be reduced.