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Connecting as quick as lightning thanks to water cooling circuit with quick release fastener

PT connection sets with quick-lock coupling
PT connection set

Installing connecting lines flexibly, quickly and easily – this feature is certainly a plus:

The air conditioning systems of the PT series come with two separate cooling circuits. The refrigerant circuit of the basic device is hermetically sealed. By contrast, another circuit is installed between cooling unit and external heat exchanger for cooling the condenser as well as for heat removal using a connection set. In this additional circuit only water with a low glycol concentration circulates as cooling medium, thus ruling out a loss of refrigerant when connecting or disconnecting the devices in a professional fashion.

For a quick installation of the water and power lines between air conditioner and heat exchanger the connection sets of these air conditioning systems come equipped with high-class quick-lock couplings. As a result, even longer connections over a distance of up to 30 metres can be realized without difficulty in a quick, clean and easy manner – ideal for office, server or production rooms, control centres or studios, where there is hardly ever any room to accommodate such heat dissipation measures.

Patented passage underneath doors PlanoPT

Plano PT even opens up installation paths to you the access to which has been denied to you so far

The exclusive Trotec PlanoPT Allows for the installation of the PT connecting lines underneath all common interior and exterior doors. In this way, even rooms without a conventional installation access can be equipped with cooling units by means of the patented PlanoPT. Find out more about the benefits of Trotec's PlanoPT ...

Quick installation using PT connection sets

With the air conditioners of the PT series it is possible to install the external heat exchanger up to 30 m away from the cooled room by using connection sets. The hoses are simply led through ceilings, walls or along the floor.
Quick installation using PT connection sets

Optional passage underneath doors with PlanoPT

With the PlanoPT connection feedthrough, which is available as accessory, connection sets can be installed and connected underneath doors. The connection sets of the PT models are optionally also available in a length of 5 m and can be flexibly combined with the 10 m lines to an overall length of 30 m.
Optional passage underneath doors with PlanoPT
Technical data by comparison

All air conditioners of the PT series by direct comparison:

To find the air conditioner PT which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air conditioners of the PT series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

What cooling capacity do your rooms require?

For business facilities, surgeries, offices or warehouses, you can use the following values to carry out a quick and approximate determination of your demand for the cooling capacity required:

  • 30 watts per cubic metre
    for ideal-typical business facilities along the lines of passive house standard, normal sized window area and little frequented
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    in case of poor insulation
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if there are more than 3 individuals in the room
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the size of the window area exceeds the average
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the windows and/or outer walls are facing south
  • 50 watts per cubic metre
    for attic rooms.
    Especially in case of attic rooms in old buildings determining the required cooling capacity remains a difficult task due to the lack of knowledge regarding the roof's thermal insulation. Just to be on the safe side, take 60 watts per cubic metre as a basis, in the case of poorly insulated roofs and many skylights, still more.
  • 55 watts per cubic metre
    when using air conditioners in construction site trailers

Online capacity calculation

An individual cooling load calculation in addition to spatial specifications also requires taking into consideration the usage behaviour and further heat loads. Therefore, for a more detailed calculation, please make use of our online calculator.