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The functional principle of the Airozon®ozone generators

  1. The Airozon generators of the Airozon® series make use of the oxygen present in the surrounding air as a molecular compound.
  2. The surrounding air is drawn in by the ozone generator where an electrical discharge procedure takes place. After that, the energy breaks down the diatomic oxygen molecule into two single oxygen atoms in form of free radicals.
  3. The atomic oxygen recombines (A) with an oxygen molecule to form ozone.
  4. Ozone is a very powerful oxidising agent with a high reaction potential. This makes it an effective reagent for the decomposition of disruptive substances in the surrounding air. The radicals bound in the ozone molecule separate from the molecule compound (B) and react with all kinds of substances in the surrounding air, even if these are only present in very little concentrations. The oxidative decomposition of airborne and immovable pollutants (e.g. in the ground, on walls or on the ceiling), results in an odour neutralisation and decontamination by means of killing viruses, bacteria, mould and carcinogenic/allergenic microorganisms.
  5. After the oxidation of oxygen atoms with the reactants, the ozone molecules will be transformed into oxygen molecules.
  6. Due to their metastable bond, ozone molecules that did not oxidise will also decompose into oxygen after some time without leaving harmful residues. In interior spaces and under normal conditions, ozone has a half-life of approx. 30 to 60 minutes. This means that the ozone concentration in the room air at least naturally halves every hour in a natural way.
  7. Technical oxygen regeneration: Use this function to substantially speed up the duration of natural ozone decay into oxygen (6). The ozone generator Airozon® Supercracker is already equipped with an integrated oxygen regeneration cycle. Furthermore, all ozone disinfectors of the Airozon®Professional series from Trotec can also be combined with the innovative oxygen regenerator Zerozon 200 as a master-slave solution for accelerated ozone depletion.
Ozone generators of the Airozon series by Trotec – functional principle

What makes the ozonation with the Airozon®so effective?

Ozone is one of the strongest, naturally occurring sterilisers in the world. Due to its bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties, it is an effective means to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, spores or viruses.

In higher atmospheric layers, ozone is naturally produced by ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Near the ground, ozone arises as a result of lightning strikes or waterfalls. Air and water are constantly cleaned by naturally occurring ozone. The highest natural ozone concentrations can be found at seashores or in alpine and in forestal areas – areas where you'll feel refreshed immediately. The human sense of smell is able to perceive ozone even in smallest concentrations of 0.1 to 0.2 parts per million (ppm).

Strong oxidizer for eliminating germs and odours

Due to its high oxidation power, ozone is very reactive with molecules producing odours. The ozone changes their chemical structure which results in the formation of odour-neutralised molecules and the air being cleaned. This is the reason why the treatment with ozone is a fast and effective way to permanently get rid of the most persistent odours. Moreover, the ozone produced with the Airozon® also destroys infectious viruses, bacteria and germs on surfaces and in the room air: it diffuses through the protein shell into the nucleic acid where it destroys the viral RNA.

For this reason, ozone produced by industry and technology is chiefly used for the purification of drinking water, the sterilisation and treatment of pool water, the water preparation for the food and beverage industry or the conditioning of cooling and process water.

What is very much useful in the industrial sector can also provide many advantages in your own company:

The Airozon® ozone generator produces ozone technically and can be used absolutely flexible on every desired location for oxidative disinfection and odour elimination. Because this is exactly the field of application of the Airozon® ozone generators, this is what they have been designed for.

ECO or Professional? What distinguishes these Airozon® device series from each other?

Airozon ECO and Airozon Professional by Trotec

Although the devices are partly overlapping regarding their performance values, the professional ozone generators such as the Airozon® 10.000, Airozon® Supercracker, Airozon® 20.000 or Airozon® 60.000 were particularly designed with regard to professional use and for everyday continuous operation. They are also constructed to withstand demands and wear resulting from rental use. Moreover, the device copes with the special requirements caused by extensive operations to eliminate odours from large fire and water damages. Due to their particular performance characteristics, these devices also provide benefits for disinfecting larger areas. For this reason, the ozone generators of the Professional series are extremely robust and designed with regard to provide high mobility as well as high performance. On top, they are equipped with a number of additional functions.

The Airozon®ECO series was particularly designed for companies that primarily aim to use ozone generators for own purposes, beyond professional disinfection or fire or water damage restoration. These devices provide an especially economic solution for local odour neutralization and the disinfection of surfaces and interior room air – ideally suitable for smaller hotels, private room letting, real estate companies or taxi companies, but also for animal clinics, sanctuaries and morticians.

With Airozon®ozonation, even viruses and bacteria will be effectively eliminated

The Airozon®decontamination with ozone for hotel rooms, holiday homes, rental cars, boats or taxis neither costs much money nor time, but creates a sterilised environment without germ load and risk of infection and leaves a comforting feeling to guests, renters, customers, inhabitants or visitors. Compared to spraying and wiping disinfectants as a labour and personnel intensive job, disinfecting with ozone can be carried out fully automatic and without using additional chemicals.

This way, you'll be able to provide an important extra hygiene offer to your customers in times of Corona by hygienically sterilising the air and all surfaces in hotel and conference rooms, flats, accommodations and vehicle interiors and by freeing them from germs. And even "after Corona", your customers will appreciate ozonation with the Airozon® as the treated interior spaces will pleasantly remain free from odours! 

Ozone disinfection of viruses by means of Airozon devices