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Accessories for TTR dehumidifiers

Whether air filters, hose adapters, filter mats, filter boxes or external hygrostats - here you will find our optional accessories for our TTR dehumidifiers

All TTR desiccant dehumidifiers with Monoventic/Duoventic are on the suction side standard-equipped with plug-on filter caps with handy clip closing for fast filter change without the need of opening the machine.

Quality filters perfectly matched to the machines are available as accessory in a 5-pack.

For airflow in separate rooms a matching hose adapter is available as accessory for each filter cap. It is just attached to the filter cap.

As an option all filter caps can be replaced by filter boxes with integrated pipe connection, also perfectly suitable for fixed installations.

In addition, the filter boxes enable the flexible usage of different Z-line filters of class G4, F7 or F9.

When replacing the filters, the filter box can be opened fast and easily with screw caps.

A standard connecting socket with protective cap for external switchings also enables flexible remote switching of all TTR machines by means of an optional hygrostat, time clock or other external switch components with matching DIN socket.

Recommended Trotec accessories for moisture-dependent TTR controlling: External hygrostat HG 120 TTR with DIN socket. Article number

Filter boxes with hose connection (A), hose adapter (B), filter mats (C) and Z-line air filters (D) of different classes are available as system accessories for each TTR model.

We have set up a model-specific complete overview for you in the below system accessories table.




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