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With a finger on the pulse of advanced drying technology

The DA 4 Qube dictates the rhythm when it comes to fast and effective insulation drying – fully automatically

80 % of all tap water damages are characterized by an inhomogeneous moisture distribution in the ground: Soaked areas abut on less or only little steeped zones.

In case of conventional low-pressure drying of the insulation layer, for process-related reasons the process air used for drying flows at an increased rate through drier zones rather than through moist ones, which in turn leads to substantially longer drying periods and thus to higher energy costs.

By contrast, the drying control unit DA 4 Qube, designed specifically for low-pressure drying, with its patented Efidry control – a specially developed, sensor-supported, self-regulating automatic control system – fully automatically enables an active vacuum air load management between the different areas to be dried.

The DA 4 Qube automatically adapts its cycle times and suction intervals to the specific material mix and degree of moisture penetration of the insulation layer zones and informs the user about all processes by use of the integrated status display.

The sensors not only continuously capture the degree of moisture penetration of each individual monitored drying zone, analyse and consecutively record the humidity values and automatically aim the main suction capacity in turns on the area most drenched at the time.

Additionally, the room air humidity is measured and at a certain approximate value for the insulation layer humidity values the DA 4 Qube automatically switches over from active drying to final drying.

The DA 4 Qube is equipped with an illuminated three-line display that can be easily read from above.
Multi-line status display
All status messages are indicated in turns as “plain text” on the DA 4 Qube’s display.
Multi-line status display

Convenient: Even a power failure cannot throw the DA 4 Qube off balance, since in such a case it neither has to be switched back on nor be reconfigured, because it “memorizes” the last active phase and reliably continues working from that point. This way, the DA 4 Qube used in combination with otherwise identical equipment can reduce drying times and energy costs by 30 to 70 % – depending on the kind of damage – or dry up to 30 % larger areas in the same time!

The rate of expensive “on spec” empty running can also be reduced to virtually zero by use of the DA 4 Qube:

Thanks to the integrated GSM modem of the DA 4 Qube, water damage restoration companies are at any time able to call up the drying process data in real time even from a distance via the MQDatamonitor connection server, to gather information about the current status of the drying progress and to automatically receive a message as soon as the drying process is completed and the installation can be disassembled.

This way the “drying venture” becomes a reliably calculable fixed time project!

What is more, the radically shortened restoration time also entails a considerable reduction of the warmth and noise nuisance for the aggrieved person as well as quicker reusability of the rooms.

With the control unit DA 4 Qube, drying service providers benefit from “standardized drying” without break:

Trotec’s drying control unit DA 4 Qube entails not only drying-related advantages in terms of time and energy savings as well as a more homogenous insulation layer drying, but beyond that a permanent reorganisation of workflows and corporate processes – and thus a unique opportunity for every drying service provider:

  • The DA 4 Qube turns conventional drying into “standardized drying” (continual drying): All drying operations can be planned, their progression can continuously be recorded and reviewed via data recall and the drying times can also be calculated.
  • Expensive “on spec empty running” is no longer required.
  • The DA 4 Qube reduces the disastrous economic consequences of faults in the installation.
  • The DA 4 Qube automatically always “zones in” on the dampest areas.
  • “Standardized drying” enables a high degree of planning certainty regarding the employment of staff, material usage and calculation!
  • The application of the DA 4 Qube turns the “drying venture” into a reliably calculable fixed time project.
  • Larger areas, and also regions further away, which were so far not worthwhile seeing into i.a. due to the “yield risk on spec empty running”, can now be made accessible for the company in economic terms.
  • While making use of the same material and personnel, the gross yield can be increased and turnover and profits can be predicted more reliably.
  • This enables “drying without break”.
One of a kind – Trotec exclusive!
Maximum efficiency!
With two Efidry sensors the DA 4 registers both the mixing ratio and the relative humidity level of the process air as well as the room air humidity and temperature [1]. The DA 4 interface [2] additionally enables a data connection with the Qube+ or the VX 5 MultiQube.
DA 4 Qube
For the combined application of the DA 4 Qube with insulation dryers from your stock, an optional DA adapter plate can be obtained. If mounted to the rear, you can benefit from the advantages of the extremely handy DA 4 Qube even during drying operations with MultiQube units from your stock.
Universally applicable

DA 4 Qube for maximum efficiency during low-pressure insulation drying

Maximum efficiency!