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Filter classes at a glance

Get an overview of our filter classes and their application examples

Particle size Particle examples Filter class Examples of application
Coarse particulate air filters
for particles
> 10 µm
Insects, textile fibres and hair, sand, fly ash, farina, spores, pollen, cement dust G1
For simple applications (e.g. as insect protection in compact devices)
pre- and air circulation filters for civil defence shelters;
exhaust air paint spraying booths and kitchen hood etc.; contamination protection for air conditioning and compact units (e.g. window air conditioners, fans); pre-filter for filter classes F6 to F8
Fine particulate air filters
for particles
1-10 µm
Spores, pollen, farina and cement dust, particles causing dust deposits and stains, bacteria and germs on host particles F5 Fresh air filter for rooms with low requirements (e.g. factory workshops, storage facilities, garages)
pre- and air circulation filtration in central ventilation stations; final filter in air conditioning systems for salesrooms, stores, offices and certain production facilities, pre-filter for filter classes F9 to H11
oil smoke and agglomerated soot; tobacco smoke; metal oxide smoke F7
final filter in air conditioning systems for offices, production facilities, control centres, hospitals, data processing centres; pre-filter for filter classes H11 to H13 and activated carbon
High-efficiency particulate air filters for particles
< 1 µm
Germs, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, metal oxide smoke H10
final filter for rooms with high and highest demands (e.g. laboratories, production facilities in the food, pharmaceutical, precision mechanics, optical goods and electronic industries as well as for medical applications)
H11 final filter for cleanroom classes*** ISO 6
and ISO 5
emerging oil vapour and soot, radioactive suspended matter H12
final filter for cleanroom classes*** ISO 4 and ISO 3, final filter in civil defence shelters, exhaust air filters in nuclear plants
aerosols H14
final filter for cleanroom classes*** ISO 2
and ISO 1

* Trotec micro filter class, ** Trotec HEPA filter class, *** according to ISO14644-1

Owing to the hazard potential of these substances, restoration companies are under the obligation to ensure air cleaning with the respective filter classes when drying insulation layers using the vacuum process!

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