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MultiQube – clever combinations with IQ

The newly developed MultiQube offers a wide range of combinations, making it the ideal solution for all areas of the insulation layer drying

MultiQube – clever combinations with IQFrom compressor and water separator to HEPA filter and silencer to the new drying control unit DA 4– the Trotec MultiQube system comprises a full range of appliances for all insulation drying needs.

Whether in terms of system efficiency, maintainability, variety of combinations or storage space during operation or storage – all devices of this system were developed completely from scratch and designed as perfectly well-matched modules.

MultiQube is the first and only "seamless" complete insulation drying system on the market and provides multiple possibilities for every case of application on restricted space.

Which devices are to be used in what kind of combination for which case of application?

With the MultiQube system this issue can be dismissed: All devices can be combined in any desired individual stacking order and yet ensure a performance-optimized cooperation and combination option with all other devices marked with the MultiQube logo – even for future developments.

MultiQube – clever combinations with IQNaturally, all MultiQube units can also be operated individually or used in combination with other models from your stock: e.g. the MultiQube HEPA filter or the MultiQube silencer NR19 with an insulation drying unit from your inventory.

All MultiQube devices are 100 % downwardly compatible to previous models!

This way, the MultiQube system in equal measure offers more performance advantages, an increased cost-effectiveness, more investment security and the ideal solution for every task!