The smart quick coupling for one single central water discharge

For an effective remediation of water damage condenser dryers are usually used in continuous operation with an integrated condensate pump, which so far for each individual industrial desiccant dehumidifier entailed an elaborate laying of water discharge hoses over long distances from the dehumidifier to an appropriate water drain.

TTKwic puts an end to this: Every Qube as standard comes with two integrated TTKwic quick couplings, where condensate discharge hoses of up to two used dehumidifiers can be connected conveniently and expeditiously. The entire water drainage is then taking place centrally via the discharge hose of the water separator.

The TTKwic quick coupling is an especially developed pressure coupling with special valve and optimally geared to the combined use with Trotec condensate pump kits. For water intake the valve opens exclusively with pressure load on the pump side and by means of an integrated barrier simultaneously prevents a decrease of performance of the low-pressure stream permanently and reliably.

Despite the ingenious construction the application of the TTKwic is extremely user-friendly: Connect the hose and you're done!

Save time and material for complicated multiple installations of condensate discharge hoses to far-off water drains and simultaneously ensure an effective and reliable permanent drying – quick, easy, clean and reliable thanks to TTKwic!

TTKwic – exclusively available at Trotec thanks to utility model protection