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ID central oil heating units

Unsurpassed in quality and performance – the perfect professional solution for rental applications.

These central heating units have everything to make a pro's heart leap for joy, ...

...for instance an extremely high output, enormously robust and high-quality processing, lockable doors to protect operating elements and a burner against unauthorized access, easy maintenance possibility and many other equipment characteristics.

From the robust frame construction with panelling made from stainless steel, over the highly efficient special burner, to the technically high-quality special radial fans for long air transport distances, this heating unit was designed for fully-automatic, universal and faultless operation.

The central heating units are as standard equipped with a powerful fuel pre-heating unit as well as a heating oil filter which is protected against weather influences. They run by a separate air oil burner and are suitable for outdoor installation – cold-resistant applicable for ambient temperatures to -20 °C.

Because no components are protruding, but well-protected within the compact construction on the contrary protected within the compact construction, these central heating units are ideally suitable for a reliable, failure-free operation in the rental business or in frequently changing locations.

  • High-quality special radial fans
  • Built-in protected control cabinet
  • Easy handling with truck, crane or forklift thanks to standard forklift slots and receptables
Forklift slots
Forklift pockets
Forklift slots
High-quality special radial fans
Built-in protected control cabinet

A few practical benefits:

  • Branded burner with high efficiency
  • Single line system with automatic ventilation
  • Large volume 300 W fuel pre-heating
  • Photo cell flame monitoring
  • High-performance heat exchanger
  • Fully automatic operation with room air control
  • High-pressure radial fan for long hose distances
  • Cold-resistant to ambient temperatures of as low as -20 °C
  • Lockable doors for operating elements and burner
  • Built-in protected control box with operating hours counter
  • Easy to service due to removable side panels
  • Automatic fan with control for the rotation direction
  • Built-in automatic circuit breaker
  • Summer/winter selection switch for an optional ventilation without heating function
  • Stainless steel skids for stationary use and transport
  • Forklift receptacles
  • Suited for the fully automatic application with external thermostat
  • 2-stage version (depending on model)

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