IDE Oil heater fan

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IDE Oil heater fans

Space heater and sensational bargain in one – the reliable, cost-effective solution for typical oil heating applications on construction sites, in halls and workshops or in agriculture.

Thanks to their durable housing made of doubly coated material, these oil heater fans are optimally prepared for outdoor heating applications.

The large air outlet ensures a maximum expansion of warm air with high efficiency, which is 100 % with the directly fired models.

The reliable, economic alternative for mobile heating needs:

Trotec’s IDE oil heater fans...

Directly fired IDE oil heater fans (D) are ideally suited for the outdoor use or in well-ventilated interior spaces. The indirectly fired IDE devices can additionally be used to heat enclosed spaces when employing the optionally available flue gas discharge.

A few practical benefits:

  • Particularly economical solution
    for standard oil heating
  • Integrated fuel tank with liquid level indication
  • Electronic flame trap
  • Overheating protection
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Connection for external thermostat
To ensure constant firing of the stainless steel combustion chamber, the fuel supply of the IDE heating devices is effected by means of a high-quality oil pump, e.g. many indirectly fired IDE models use a Danfoss® injection pump.
For the need-based temperature adjustment all IDE appliances come equipped with an integrated thermostat, in case of the indirectly fired models additionally with dual display for the actual and nominal value (except for IDE 20). When the temperature has to measured and controlled on an up to 25 m away place instead you can connect an external thermostat (optionally available).
The filling level of the integrated fuel tank can be checked anytime via the standard liquid level indication. The indirectly fired IDE models also come with an easily accessible, external fuel filter.