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Oil heating unit ID 800

Versatile, mobile professional heating unit for heating construction sites, marquees, workshops or halls right up to frost protection in agriculture and horticulture.

The indirect oil heating unit ID 800, designed specifically for the tough demands in the rental business, in addition to the high heating capacity also features especially sound workmanship, durable high-class components and many other practice-oriented details.

This heating unit’s standard equipment comprises a noise-optimized and low-maintenance high-performance fan and room thermostat socket. The single line feeder with automatic ventilation ensures a reliable and failure-free continuous operation.

Based on the infinitesimal flue gas loss, a high combustion efficiency level and thus optimum profitability can be achieved.

Due to its powerful high-pressure axial fan, the oil heating unit ID 800 produces large amounts of air with an invariably high feed pressure and is therefore especially suitable as central warm air distributor for several air transport hoses even over longer distances.

Particularly advantageous is the ID 800’s compact construction:

From the control system to the burner, all parts are enclosed in one housing. Hence, a fast set-up and dismantling is no problem, besides, the slim construction enables optimum manoeuvring even in narrow construction areas and doorways.

Maximum mobility is ensured by the big, robust transport wheels, a balance-optimized crane lug positioning for quick lifting transport and the optionally available forklift slots for faster handling during transport and storage.

A few practical benefits:

  • Branded burner with high efficiency
  • Single line system with automatic ventilation
  • Electric oil pre-heating
  • Photo cell flame monitoring
  • High-performance heat exchanger
  • Burner cover with protective bars, rain cover and oil trough
  • Fully automatic operation with room air control
  • Ideal transport facilities thanks to big wheels, crane lugs and optional forklift slots
  • High-pressure axial fan for long hose distances
  • Cold-resistant to ambient temperatures of as low as -20 °C
Service-friendly oil burner
Central warm air distribution even over long hose distances
User-friendly operating elements
Big and robust wheels
Service-friendly oil burner
Oil heating unit ID 500
Crane lug for lifting transport
High-pressure axial fan
Exhaust gas pipe connection

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.430.001.150
Functional principle
  Method of heating indirect
  Method of heating direct
Air flow rate
  Level Max. [m³/h] 11,000
Air pressure
  Level Max. [Pa] 50
Nominal heat input
  Level Max. [kW] 158
Nominal heat output
  Level Max. [kW] 150
  Level Max. [kcal] 128,976
Temperature increase
  Level Max. [°C] 48
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
  Current consumption [A] 7.6
  Power input [kW] 1.75
  Heating capacity [kW] 150
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7 (plug type F + E)
  Connection for external thermostat
  Overheating protection
  Internal thermostat
  Temperature indication
Fuel feed
  Fuel feed Danfoss pump
Fuel filter
Oil consumption
  Level Max. [l/h] 11.6
Hose connection
  Diameter [mm] 600
Chimney connection
  Diameter [mm] 200
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 77
Suitable fuels
  EL fuel oil
  Low-sulphur EL fuel oil
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 1,960
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 785
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 1,400
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 370
Equipment, features and functions
  Rubber-tyred metal wheels
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Plastic wheels
  Non-marking full-rubber wheels
Housing design
  Stainless steel

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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