TAC XT – application area thermal decontamination
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TAC XT – application area thermal decontamination

The TAC XT as mobile solution for thermal virus inactivation, HEPA room air filtration and thermal decontamination of surfaces

Multi air handler TAC XT for thermal room and surface decontamination

Powerful thermal disinfector for mobile virus inactivation in rooms and on object's surfaces

Thermal disinfectors have already been reliable means in the cleaning and decontamination area. For example, they are used for disinfecting medical devices as part of a sterilisation process, or for keeping AC systems germ-free in hygienically sensitive areas.

Already during the SARS pandemic, the WHO announced that heat at a temperature of 56 °C represents an effective measure for fighting SARS virions and it will kill 10,000 virus units of the SARS coronavirus every 15 minutes. Regarding "hygiene measures during care and treatment of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2" in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Robert Koch (RKI) also recommends that "thermal disinfection measures shall always be applied preferentially whenever possible" when cleaning and disinfection measures are being carried out.

Portable mobile unit for decontaminating rooms and inventory

Usually, previously available thermal disinfectors are installed stationary. Instead, the multi air handler TAC XT is the first mobile solution for professional thermal room decontamination with integrated H14 HEPA air filtration on the market!

Rather than being installed in only one room, this special "made in Germany" multi air handler (exclusively available only at Trotec) can be used for treating different rooms in alternation. Once the decontamination process has been terminated, the TAC XT can simply be transported to the next location to be treated – this flexible and mobile solution is unbeatable!

Thermal treatment neutralising virulence factors

The resistance of virions is closely related to their structure and chemical components. If only one component that is crucial for cell replication or penetration is being decisively harmed by physical or chemical noxae (substances harmful to virions), the virus will lose its infectivity.

A physical quantity particularly harmful to viruses is heat. All viruses are relatively unstable if they are exposed to heat. From 55 to 70 °C, the proteins of most viruses that are responsible for infections will be denaturised, so are SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2. The virus will no longer be able to spread infections.

No virus in its natural milieu will survive heat at temperatures of 80 °C that is directly exposed at the virus particle, apart from parvo- and papovaviruses.

Integrated automatic control system for thermal disinfection

The multi air handler TAC XT can be controlled via touchscreen and is equipped with different automatic programmes, which can be adapted to your needs (e.g. to the respective treatment temperature or exposure times).

The automatic control system will then carry out the thermal activation process during which both room air and contact surfaces of the inventory will e.g. be heated up to ≥ 56 °C for 30 minutes. This will be an efficient inactivation process in the fight against viruses. If required, the treatment duration can be extended from 30 minutes up to 24 hours. Room and surface target temperature can be increased up to 70 °C for special requirements.

Example of a virus inactivation process

The TAC XT offers a wide range of applications for thermal decontamination

Wide range of applications in the area of decontamination

18 kW heating capacity (27 kW optional), a ventilation performance of up to 2,500 m³ that can be adjusted in seven stages and a surface target temperature that can be set to 75 °C max. make the TAC XT a brilliant technological solution for many specific tasks.

The version equipped with the DualDecon blowing-out tower is ideally suited for permanent virus prevention when being alternately used with the thermal inactivation function, H14 HEPA air filtration and the room heating function (as required), and can be used for the most diverse applications:

  • Mobile clinical and hospital systems (containers)
  • Decontamination rooms in hospitals, ambulance and fire stations
  • Roll-off containers of police, fire brigade and aid organisations
  • Treatment rooms, patient or waiting rooms
  • Hotels, hostels and cruise ships
  • Offices, meeting rooms, canteens
  • Public transport (bus and train)
  • Small shops, doctor's surgeries
  • Small school rooms, universities, kindergartens
  • Senior citizens homes, care and rehabilitation facilities

Designed to function as a flexible combined solution, the TAC XT can also be used for thermal disinfestation (mites and bedbugs), for HEPA room air purification or for mobile room heating, providing all-round warmth. This broad range of applications is the perfect base for short payback times.

Suitable for the hygienic reprocessing of disposable medical protective masks (FFP, FFP2/3) by means of thermal decontamination

Due to the lack of medical respiratory masks in the current tense situation, the crisis unit of the German government decided to reuse such respiratory masks after an appropriate decontamination with heat.

The TAC XT is a professional alternative for drying cabinets, which might not be sufficiently available anyway. Moreover, the TAC XT can be variably used for the thermal decontamination of containers providing personal protective equipment, and for entire treatment rooms or other areas where people spend time. In addition, the TAC XT is flexibly applicable as H14 virus air cleaner for large scale rooms.

During the heat treatment procedure, all respiratory masks to be reprocessed are collected in one room in order to be thermally decontaminated with the TAC XT at ≥ 70 °C for 30 minutes. If required, the treatment duration can be variably adjusted from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Due to the special temperature automatic control system and the large power reserves, the decontamination process can be operated extremely productively and without interruptions, even around the clock, if required.

Two possible application scenarios: Firstly, a TAC XT can be directly position in the room to be decontaminated. If smaller rooms shall be entirely filled with decontamination material, the device can also be set up outside. For this purpose, a the room needs to be accessed, e.g. via an opening in the wall/door in order to install a 90 degree pipe bend. This way, the room can be heated from the outside. System accessories required for this purpose: attachment hood for hose connection or DualHeat tower attachment. Now the only thing that needs to be done is to activate the integrated treatment programme. The thermal decontamination process will start running either as single decontamination per material or in permanent automatic mode while alternatingly treating the material. The permanent treatment mode serves for treating large quantities in small areas in a space- and energy-saving way.

Thermal decontamination with the TAC XT is ideal for treating both disposable medical protective masks for mouth and nose as well as filtrating half masks (disposable FFP masks).

Flexible use, not only suited for decontamination: If the decontamination shall always be carried out as single decontamination before shift changes and not as continuous process in order to treat large quantities, the TAC XT can also be used as a H14 virus air cleaner for large scale areas. In between the individual decontamination intervals, the TAC XT can effectively increase the risk of infection in large rooms such as waiting zones, corridors or other highly frequented rooms. During the next decontamination interval (e.g. of masks or personal protective equipment), the H14 virus filter in the TAC XT itself will be automatically decontaminated. This way, it can be used as decontaminated air cleaner for upcoming events where it will filter viruses from the air. This means that the TAC XT is provided with a self-regeneration function in order to fight viruses permanently. This function is unique in the world.

Thanks to its thermal decontamination function, the TAC XT is optimally suited for reprocessing medical protective masks and for decontaminating entire rooms or containers with personal protective equipment.
TAC XT for thermal decontamination of medical respiratory masks – diagram indoor installation
Example 1: TAC XT positioned outside of the treatment room, with supply air accessing the room through installed pipe. Inside the room, all material to be treated is collected on e.g. movable shelf trucks or clothes racks (2), e.g. respiratory masks (1), contaminated scrubs, gowns, trousers etc. (Required system accessories: DualHeat tower attachment or attachment hood for hose connection)
TAC XT for thermal decontamination of respiratory masks and working clothes – diagram 1 for external installation
Example 2: Application as in example 1, but TAC XT is positioned directly inside the decontamination room with the DualDecon blowing-out tower.
TAC XT for thermal decontamination of respiratory masks and working clothes – diagram 2 for internal installation
Example 3: TAC XT directly positioned inside the decontamination room, beds of former patients depicted.
TAC XT for thermal decontamination of respiratory masks, beds and sheets – diagram 3 for internal installation

Application area thermal decontamination – practical benefits:

  • Mobile thermal disinfector for flexible and efficient inactivation of microorganisms in both room air and on surfaces
  • Surface target temperature, adjustable up to 75 °C
  • Also effective against SARS coronavirus, influenza and hepatitis viruses
  • 360° inactivation entirely avoids "blind areas" as they appear during a manual, daily life cleaning procedure with disinfection chemicals
  • All-directional air distribution for an equal heating-up process of surfaces such as walls, wardrobes, beds, tables, chairs etc.
  • Exposure time for surface target temperature can be variably controlled
  • DualDecon function: Alternating use as thermal disinfector or professional HEPA H14 air cleaner for virus filtration in between the decontamination intervals
  • 100 % environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no hazardous substances, very little personal expenses
  • Rooms can be used immediately after decontamination
  • 100 % odourless and free from allergenic substances


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