TAC XT – application area thermal disinfestation
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TAC XT – application area thermal disinfestation

The TAC XT as a mobile solution for thermal pest control and vermin elimination

The TAC XT is a powerful thermal disinfector for professional pest control

Powerful thermal disinfector for professional pest control

Our world is characterised by increasing mobility which enables "stowaways" – undesirable parasites – to spread with the same speed. A constant coming and going in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, barracks, prisons or warehouses does not only enclose guests, inhabitants and goods, but unfortunately harmful insects, too.

Bedbugs, mites, meal beetles, cockroaches, clothes and food moths or other arthropods harmful for stock and furniture – as quickly as they're there, as harder it is to get rid of them.

The TAC XT serves as your pest exterminator 2.0

Instead of eliminating undesirable parasites with traditional pest control and toxic and environmentally hazardous substances, let the TAC XT get the job done for you. More effective than conventional procedures while 100 % environmentally friendly, without any chemicals or insecticides!

Thanks to the high heating capacity of the mobile TAC XT, time-consuming separation measures of the infested areas or complicated reconstruction and dismantling work will be unnecessary. Moreover, complex approval procedures or restrictions are no longer required when using the TAC XT. Set up, select programme automation and disinsectise efficiently – too easy with the TAC XT!

Effective technology for harming the harmful

Heat treatment is a highly efficient procedure for pest control since insects only have very limited options to regulate their body temperature as they cannot sweat. At temperatures from 45 °C onwards, the proteins in their bodies will start to coagulate and enzymes will be destroyed.

With a conventional heating device alone, these vermin can no longer be handled. The parasites would recognise a sudden increase in heat as danger and immediately escape.

Integrated automatic control system for thermal disinfestation

The multi air handler TAC XT can be controlled via touchscreen and is equipped with different automatic programmes, which can be adapted to your needs (e.g. to the respective room size). A smart automatic control system then initiates the thermal disinfestation process during which the room air temperature will slowly be increased step by step.

Afterwards, the disinfestation cycle will be launched: Both room air temperature and contact surfaces of the inventory will be heated to a temperature that can be preset up to ≤ 75 °C. Any kind of vermin within the treatment radius will then be killed. In a last step, the programme automatically starts the cooling phase.

If required, the treatment duration can be set from one hour to 80 hours. Besides, room and surface target temperatures can be individually configured.

schematic programme sequence for thermal pest control

The TAC XT offers a wide range of applications for thermal pest control

Wide range of applications in the area of thermal pest control

18 kW heating capacity (27 kW optional), a ventilation performance of up to 2,500 m³ that can be adjusted in seven stages and an outlet temperature that can be set to 95 °C max. make the TAC XT a brilliant technological solution for many specific tasks.

The standard version with DualDecon blowing-out tower allows you to benefit from a multi air handler for thermal pest control that is suitable for the most diverse locations and applications:

  • Commercial kitchens and bakeries
  • Hotels, hostels and residential accommodations
  • Museum depots and archives
  • Warehouses and silos
  • Barracks
  • Ships
  • Suitable for organic farms

Designed to function as a flexible combined solution, the TAC XT can also be used for thermal decontamination, for HEPA room air purification or for mobile room heating, providing all-round warmth. This broad range of applications is the perfect base for short payback times.

Application area thermal disinfestation – practical benefits:

  • 360° pest control with efficient programme automation: Incrementally increasing heating-up phase, effective disinfestation cycle with air temperatures of up to ≤ 70 °C and automatic cooling phase
  • 100 % environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no insecticides
  • Suitable for organic farms
  • Highly effective against all types of pest species in their development stages (egg, larva, pupa, imago)
  • 100 % odourless and free from allergenic substances
  • No complex approval procedures or restrictions
  • No reconstruction and dismantling works required
  • Room/surface target temperature, adjustable up to 75 °C
  • Rooms can be used immediately after disinfestation


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