TAC XT – application area room heating
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TAC XT – application area room heating

The TAC XT as a mobile solution for a draught-free 360° heating of business rooms, emergency camps, halls, tents or ships' holds

The TAC XT offers a wide range of applications for heating rooms

Mobile room heating – newly defined

From emergency camps, tents and halls to workshops and construction sites to the vast field of industry – electric heat is a popular heating choice for good reason and serves for countless applications in the most diverse places. The only thing it needs is a power connection and you will benefit from clean, filtered warm air that is free from smoke and condensate. The perfect solution for closed rooms. No oil tank, complicated installations or hose connections, but 100 % recirculation heat. With the invention of the TAC XT, our engineers literally turned the tried and tested principle upside down – while even decisively improving it.

Vertical distribution of warm air for a 360° all-round warmth

In contrast to heating devices whose air current is horizontally focused, the multi air handler TAC XT provides pleasant warm air more efficiently – in a filtered and dust-free way and with vertical heat distribution. Fan performance, outlet temperature and further room parameters can be easily configured by using the touchscreen. If required, you can also connect an external thermostat.

Thanks to the stable carriage design with large wheels and a practical push handle, the TAC XT is extremely mobile in every way. The robust construction of German high-quality manufacturing is designed for changing applications under rough conditions and in various locations.

Also perfect as compensation heater for less or non-heated areas

Whether mobile hospitals, smaller halls, parties in tents or catering events – if some areas have cooled down due to insufficient heating performance, patients, guests, customers or employees may feel uncomfortable.

Our appropriate countermeasure is the TAC XT for flexible compensation heating. Provided that there is a 400 V power connection, the TAC XT can be positioned anywhere where the existing heating system is not sufficient or not even present. Cool zones such as entrance areas, window-side walls, terrace entrances etc. will automatically turn into warm corridors as the thermostat-controlled TAC XT will always start heating once the temperature has fallen below the preselected temperature in the target area.

Heating the room air combined with HEPA air purification

No more thick air – with the TAC XT for mobile heating combined with the HEPA air purification function. This way, heated areas will not only be protected from cooling down but also from polluted and germ-laden air – and from unpleasant odours suspended with matter.

With the additional HEPA air purification function, the TAC XT does not only provide for a pleasant all-round warmth but also for all-round clean room air in such heating applications. This dual function of the TAC XT is unbeatable!

Universal heating options – perfectly suited for rental companies of machines and events

The one who can do a lot barely struggles with boredom. Indeed, for such a versatile heating device, there will always be the right application. This is why the TAC XT will probably be mostly in use rather than in the storage room.

TAC XT – loads of flexibility underneath the cover

As standard, the TAC XT will be supplied with the DualDecon blowing-out tower that provides for draught-free warm air throughout the room with a working radius of 360° thanks to its special flap design. The attachment hood for hose connection is optionally available and can be used for central room heating, e.g. of workshops or warehouses, by connecting an optional fabric air distributor to the TAC XT.

The attachment hood for hose connection also makes it possible to use the TAC XT in a decentral way by connecting it to existing ventilation systems in tents or halls, e.g. on suspended, textile air distribution systems with hot air nozzles or micro-perforation.

Get even more variable heating performance with the optional DualHeat blowing-out tower

The DualHeat blowing-out tower literally offers many sides: Place the blowing-out tower on top and enjoy draught-free warm air throughout the room with a working radius of 360° thanks to the special flap design. If required, the tower can also be turned to its connector side – it now offers a 300 mm-diameter hose connection. In order to provide central room heating, e.g. for workshops or warehouses, you can connect an optional fabric air distributor. The option to turn the DualHeat blowing-out tower offers maximum flexibility to all users who do not require HEPA air purification for their application purposes.

Easy handling, automatic programmes for various applications
DualHeat: Blowing-out tower or hose connector – just as you like
TAC XT with blowing-out tower
TAC XT with attachment hood for hose connection
TAC XT with attachment hood for hose connection and fabric air distributor
TAC XT with attachment hood for hose connection and connection to air distribution system

Good references are the best recommendation – see for yourself who relies on our products where the protection of employees, customers and children is concerned!

Good references are the best recommendation

Application area room heating – practical benefits:

  • Quickly and efficiently heating large rooms – with 18 or 27 kW heating capacity
  • Room or surface target temperature adjustable from 0 to max. 75 °C
    (for room heating, decontamination or disinfestation)
  • Omnidirectional blowing-out tower with 360° working radius
  • option to connect a fabric air distributor or existing ventilation systems
  • Flow-optimised blow out flaps for pleasant and draught-free warm air
  • Variably controllable performance – simply adapt to your needs via programme automation and external thermostat
  • Clean, filtered and condensate-free warmth – perfect for closed rooms
  • Combined use of room heating and professional HEPA H14 room air purification for clean air that is free from suspended matter carrying odours


MULTI-AIRHANDLER TAC XT 18 show in Trotec online shop


4-in-1 device for mobile room heating, H14 high-performance air purification, thermal decontamination and professional pest control

4,395.64 £ incl. VAT Show net price (VAT not included)


Technical data TAC XT 18

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.000.183
Dust class
  (as per DIN EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463) H14
  (as per DIN EN 779:2002) F7
Air flow rate
  Max. air volume flow [m³/h] 2,100
  Recommended amount of air for HighFlow filter with filter class H14 ≤ [m³/h] 1,200
  Recommended amount of air for HighFlow filter with filter class H13 ≤ [m³/h] 2,100
Heating capacity
  Level Max. [kW] 18
Temperature data
  Max. air outlet temperature [°C] 95
  Room / surface target temperature  [°C] 75
Electrical values
  Netzanschluss 2 x 380 - 480 V/50 - 60 Hz
  Power input [kW] 18
  Nominal current consumption [A] 31
  Recommended fusing [A] 32
Electric connection
  Connection plug 2 x CEE 16 A
Sound values
  Schallpegel nach ISO 11.203 35 - 59 dB
  stages 2
  Length (with wheels and handle) [mm] 690
  Width (with wheels and handle) [mm] 630
  Height (with wheels and handle) [mm] 1,300
  Length je nach Konfiguration (FlowExtender) [mm] 690
  Width je nach Konfiguration (FlowExtender) [mm] 630
  Height je nach Konfiguration (FlowExtender) [mm] 2,300
  (ohne Verpackung) - ohne HEPA-Filter [kg] 94
Equipment, features and functions
  Thermal filter decontamination
  Thermal filter regeneration
  FlowMatic control
  Operating hours counter
  Temperature adjustment/target value setting
  Temperature measurement of other rooms when connected to a ventilation system
  Automatic switch-off upon reaching the set value
  Self-regeneration function HEPA filter
  Filter change indication
  Timer function
  Frost monitor function
  Einstellung der Raumgrößen
  Thermostat stufenlos
Filter change indication
  Main filter
  Carriage design
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Cable winder

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available

Technical data TAC XT 27

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