Ceramic fan heaters of Trotec’s TDS-C series

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Ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-C series

Compact, robust and easily portable, indispensable heating devices for the craft and construction sector

With their metal housing painted in a striking signal red these solidly manufactured electric heating devices point the way for mobile heating of non-ventilated interior spaces – immediately apparent from the brand logo imprinted on the outside.

The fan heaters of the TDS-C series have everything you could expect from a modern electric heating device for rough everyday use on assembly or construction sites – except for heavy weight. This is made possible by advanced PTC ceramic heating elements.

The durable PTC ceramic heating element of the TDS-C fan heaters offers numerous advantages compared to the heating wire technology of conventional electric heating devices: longer lifetime, less sensitive technology, shorter heat-up times, process-related overheating protection – and no burning of dust during heating, which additionally makes the devices suitable for allergy sufferers.

Thanks to the smoothly running fan and the large heater battery surface, you can benefit from a pleasantly homogeneous, draught-free hot air current – which is, moreover, usually produced in a more silent way. As an additional plus in safety, the integrated ceramic heating element also increases the heating devices' stability.

With two heating levels that can be set separately the fan heaters of the TDS-C series can be variably adjusted to the desired heat output and, in combination with their powerful axial fan, distribute pleasant warmth in cold rooms. The desired temperature can be regulated as needed via the integrated infinitely variable thermostat. If required, the fan can also be used in sole fan operation without heating function.

Since the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-C series do not consume oxygen for heat generation and neither generate combustion gases nor condensate-laden warm air, they are suited particularly well for quickly heating closed, non-ventilated interior spaces.

Optional wall and ceiling holder

Practical tip: Instead of positioning them on the floor, you can also flexibly mount the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-C series to a wall or ceiling. For as they leave the factory, these electric heaters are already fitted with two fastening threads mounted to the sides that serve to accommodate the optionally available wall and ceiling holders.

This way you can use the heating devices without creating a trip hazard or obstructing a passage, for instance when heating construction trailers, market stalls, greenhouses, small halls, garages, workshops or boathouses.

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Durable ceramic PTC heater battery
  • Multi-stage temperature control with two heating levels plus separate cold air level
  • Integrated thermostat for a constant warm air flow
  • Overheating protection
  • Fan motor with thermal protection
  • Non-condensing warmth without oxygen consumption – ideal for heating interior spaces
  • Stable, robust and silent
  • Easy transport and operation

Special features:

  • Fastening preparation for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Controllers recessed for protection

Reliable heating solutions with an optimum value-for-money ratio – suited for manifold fields of application:

  • Construction trailers
  • Greenhouses
  • Boathouses
  • Garages
  • Market stalls
  • Workshops and halls
  • Catering trade

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